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Doug Herich

Student of Ed Rivera

The 4 Organic Laws Upon Which the United States Code is Based

Doug is playing chess with hiscity attorney – fascinating talkabout things that matter


Doug is a student of Ed Rivera, who we have had twice on our show explaining The Four Organic Laws upon which The Unites States Code is based. It’s been said, “All politics are local.” Doug’s car was towed from a parking lot in Manhattan Beach, California. Doug has proven that the parking lot is not in The United States or The State of California and city, county, state or federal entities have no jurisdiction except in The United States. Doug has proven this by studying and decoding, if you will, the four Organic Laws that all law is based on with Dr, Ed Rivera PhD



US Flag and Constitution of the United States of America



doug herich, the four organic laws, june 8, 2011

'Doug Herich – The Four Organic Laws – Everything You Know About The Constitution and Being a Citizen is Not As it Seems – June 8, 2011' has 1 comment

  1. January 9, 2021 @ 7:49 pm ron vrooman

    Briefly: on one page.
    We are in a benevolent, predatory, form of martial law from DC/United States* incorporated governance, in some form, since 1861. It’s Name is the Lieber Code from Lincoln’s Executive order 100 in color of law. We had a Constitutional Republican form of government from 1819 to 1860 or 1861. From 1776 to 1819 it was changing from an overthrown Monarchy. Most of the “people from 1776 to 1819 the people at large” were not convinced for a long time. There really is an active conspiracy, the industrial/military/judicial/legislative/executive/banker/ BAR/royalist/communist/muslim/Georgia Guide stone complex.

    This does not involve the true Constitutional Republican form of government on each of the several states. As long as there are still “people” the body, mind, spirit as juxtaposed to “person” the ALL CAP NAME corporate fiction. All power is inherent in the people.

    Each state is an autonomous Nation, not a subdivision of the US inc., each with its own Constitution. All power is inherent in the people. The number of people is not specified and a majority is not required as we are not a Democracy. The several states of the union are the creator party to “The United States of America’s Constitution.” The “people at large” are beneficiaries. The “people at large” are the creator party to the State’s Constitutions.

    The STATE OF OREGON’s incorporated governance is color of law. Operated by the Salem oligarchy aka Kate Brown et al…That is a subdivision of the DC/United States* as originally incorporated during Lincoln’s era.

    I think each STATE OF THE OTHER 49 is about the same. A Little more carrot or a little more stick.

    To remove the Lieber Code/martial law the method is clear and written down by the de facto. The Lieber code of Lincoln’s EO 100 is nullified by a civilian court on the land. So says SCOTUS Ex parte Milligan. There was no, none, zero civilian courts on the land of Oregon. Until ours. I was told there ;is one on Texas, one in Philadelphia and one on Georgia. I have been unable to prove this. I do know there is no Article III court that will claim original jurisdiction. They have acquiesced to “we must do it ourselves.”

    The Army Heritage Center 717 245 3972/3949 verified the Lieber Code was updated and still in effect in 2015. No known changes since then. The JAG , Judge Advocate General, attorney knew exactly what I was talking about.

    A method of returning Oregon to a Constitutional Republican form of government was/is: We assembled our 1st amendment Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly 3 years ago. We notified the DOJ, USMS, FBI, 36 Sheriffs, 30 Senators, A.G, governor, SoS lawfully and none rebutted our claim, they all acquiesced and defaulted.

    We formed Article I Section 1 of Oregon’s Constitution and informed all the same ones. We formed our civilian court of record and informed all the same ones. We notified all the same ones; that thru Ex parte Milligan’s authority we nullified Lieber Code/martial law. Not one rebuttal.

    We informed the Oregon National Guard/Oregon Organized Militia’s JAG and they are not happy and have talked back and hung up. We are awaiting an appointment with their Commanding General Michael Stencel.

    We are forming a 45 member Grand jury pool and trial jury pool of Oregonians non-US citizens, to bring forth true bills against the evil doers on Oregon. Then implement Article III Amendment VII. This is a template for the others states.

    Ex parte Milligan, 71 U.S. (4 Wall.) 2 (1866), was a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court that ruled the application of military tribunals to citizens when civilian courts are still operating is unconstitutional. In this particular case, the Court was unwilling to give President Abraham Lincoln’s administration the power of military commission jurisdiction, part of the administration’s controversial plan to deal with Union dissenters during the American Civil War. Justice David Davis, who delivered the majority opinion, stated that “martial rule can never exist when the courts are open” and confined martial law to areas of “military operations, where war really prevails”, and when it was a necessity to provide a substitute for a civil authority that had been overthrown.
    *See (8) The United States is located in the District of Columbia.


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