Richard Green

IRS Whistleblower and Author of Agents of Deceit: The True Story of Life Inside Today’s Chaotic and Dysfunctional I.R.S.

Ric Green spent five years as an IRS auditor — and lived to tell the tale! In this searing, behind-the-scenes look at the real IRS and the threat it now poses to the financial well-being of every American, the MBA-trained tax expert documents the everyday abuses which take place daily inside the nation’s most feared bureaucracy. Whether he’s describing the “terror tactics” employed by agents intent on gouging every last penny out of taxpayers or the politically astute careerists who dominate a bureaucracy that “routinely tramples on the rights of the citizenry,” Green’s inside look at the Orwellian world of the modern IRS will enlighten the millions who’ve learned to fear April 15th more than any other day on the calendar. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Green, the gutsy whistleblower who was fired for speaking out against the agency’s abuses and who then fought back with a successful lawsuit that was detailed in stark front-page coverage by the Los Angeles Times. When it comes to paying your federal taxes, knowledge is power — and Green’s one-of-a-kind look into the dark side of the IRS will help readers to shrug off their needless fear of the tax agents, while learning how to pay their fair share of taxes and not a penny more! Inspiring and full of hope — and funny as hell at times — Green’s exposé is a courageous whistleblower’s inside report on our nation’s most dreaded agency. It’s also chock-full of eye-opening detail that will help readers to stop being afraid of the fed taxers and start insisting on their rights when tax-day rolls around each year.

Why are IRS workers so snarky?  Don’t need to please the customer.

No judicial oversight of the IRS and their actions.

“Stick it to them, they’ll never hire a lawyer.”

If we went to a national sales tax, they would lose control.

Almost always civil prosecution, not criminal, so taxpayer has no judicial protections.

What will happen with new bill to hire more IRS agents?

Why does the IRS target the poor and middle class?  The ambitious agent goes after people without the resources to fight.  “Productivity” of agent affects promotion opportunities.

Tax returns are scored by algorithm.  Auditor has tremendous discretion.

If fraud is suspected, IRS can open up all returns back to 1913.

Can private companies negotiate with the IRS to reduce tax liabilities?  IRS can waive penalties, deficiencies, “offer and compromise”.  Cost benefit analysis of who to pursue.  Go after the fast dollar to satisfy Congress, don’t draw out audits.  Intense pressure to close cases.

Hire a lawyer who is experienced in negotiating with the IRS. 

Understand how your tax return compares to others.  Tax preparation programs will red flag issues you’re likely to encounter.  Generally accurate in indicating likelihood of audit. 

How can a taxpayer find someone knowledgeable in “offer and compromise”? 

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