Brandon Amalani

Owner and president of BluShield Global USA and Shen Blossom

Brandon Amalani is the founder and creator of Shen Blossom. Brandon specializes in sourcing rare, top grade herbs, and creating unique formulations that employ traditional small scale methods of transforming the herbs in a way that preserves the energetic and healing qualities of the herbs so that the personality of the herbs shine though. Brandon uses time tested and traditional methods to protect the herbs through the extraction process in order to ensure their full spectrum nature. With an understanding of the chemistry of how specific herbs can be extracted yet simultaneously be cared for, he is able to utilize methods and processes that unlocks the nutrients and benefits in a natural and effective way without over processing and degrading the botanicals which is common in the herbal industry.

Using the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Brandon helps guide people into understanding themselves better in order to work to heal the body, raise the spirit and to increase personal peace and conscious awareness.

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Brandon Amalani talks to Patrick from Kansas City. He’s the founder of Shen Blossom and a frequent guest on One Radio Network.

Brandon discusses his numerous formulations in detail. He’s had over a decade of experience in the natural health and wellness industry.

What’s special about bamboo? It’s the daily diet of Panda bears, known for their physical strength.

How is bamboo used at Shen Blossom? It’s part of Grow-tein Total Nutrition Protein and Essential Bamboo Chlorophyll Protein.

Why are some proteins and peptides better than other ones? Do some proteins burn cleaner than others?

Brandon describes how he looks at the body energetically. How do you simultaneous cleanse the body while tonifying the organs?

Back in the 1970s, it was thought that the cell could live on synthetic vitamins. Brandon was “already in the whole food supplement realm,” so he was ahead of the game.

Brandon ferments his Amachii tea for three years. This is far removed from your average corporate product.

“Seaweeds are like the mushrooms of the ocean,” according to Brandon.

Seaweeds cleanse the liver and remove heavy metals from the gut, bringing the microbiome into balance.

You can blend Shen Blossom’ Coral Seaweed into a gel, and keep it in your refrigerator.

What are the benefits of mugwort? Why do the Japanese hold it in such high esteem?

Japanese farmers create long-term relationship with their plants.

Patrick and Brandon discuss Shen Blossom Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s remarkably low in free fatty acids.

Patrick describes his surprising welcoming when he traveled to Sicily to buy olive oil.

What are the benefits of having soup made from Shen Blossom Medicinal Miso for breakfast?

Julie wants to know which Shen Blossom products support female hormones. She’s already taking bio-identical ones.

Rosemary asks about products for kids. Brandon lists several products, including Medicinal Miso and Wild Purple Reishi.

George wonders if Brandon does consultations.

Patrick wants to know which products would be best before stretching.

Brandon’s businesses are growing, and he’s looking for a farm manager to oversee a 50-acre farm in Massachusetts.

Another one of his businesses is Blushield Global USA, It distributes EMF protection products in North America.

Blushield carries two models for protection: a plug-in model for rural areas and a portable one for the city.

What are the dangers of EMF? How can you protect yourself at a cellular level?

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