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From the time that we opened our eyes in this creation we are told what to do, how to behave, what to learn and what to believe. One thing that we are not taught is how to think. As soon as we think, questions start to appear and we are not supposed to question the “truth”. All what we need is provided to us by our creator. Our fear deprives us of energy. Since the energy is electricity and electro-magnetism we can aid ourselves by utilizing the miraculous instruments of Dr. Robert Beck. Since we live in time of rapid evolution new technologies are becoming available but the most important thing is the understanding of self healing capabilities that we all possess. They are imbedded in our genes and all that we need is to understand it and help the cells of our body to do their job.

As a veterinarian, Darko describes the truth on the best diet for animals and humans

He goes into his sea salt/water protocol to detox and build blood plasma

True hydration can not, will not happen without the proper amount of proper salt

The pink Himalayan seas salt is toxic. Darko explains why and how this is.

Some of his clients and communications across earth presents many who simply can not let go with old

beliefs about the positives and negatives of salt.

All animals in the wild seek out and find salt sources from the nearest place they can get to.

Patrick and Darko have an in depth discussion on Soul, mind body and how we manifest everything in this and other realities

The brain is a computer and the mind software and Soul the programmer choosing what they want to be true.

A listener asks about the cause and cure for blood that clots too easily

What goes into the brain imprints to the corresponding part or total body hologram

Toxicity settles in various and all parts of the body.

Toxicity in the form of negative thoughts and feelings to physical toxins

Darko talks about the proper dose of sea salt and water.

What is the difference between Quinton Sea water and Darko’s protocol

Patrick talks about a spiritual exercise he does that releases so much tension in the gut to digest food in real time

Leslie writes in about having foot/leg cramps on the water/salt protocol

And John wonders why he blood is clotting too much

In the world of creating our reality, Patrick and Darko dig into this … great fun and insights

Email:  I have a friend who sprays seawater into her eyes and they feel great. What does Darko think of this?

Email:  What is Darko’s opinion on drinking ones own urine?

Can you please ask Darko how to help a 40 year old woman who stopped menstruating several years ago supposedly due to a small pituitary tumor that causes the overproduction of prolactin?

Last time he mentioned a smoothy he makes that has raw eggs. I’ve heard that raw egg YOLKS are good to eat but NOT to eat raw egg WHITES because it interferes with biotin absorption.

Hi. Question for Darko. I started drinking 4lts of water with sea salt. And after the second day i get constipated. I interrupted the process, then started again a few weeks later, and that happened again, and i stopped again because of that. I have no specific disease and i do it for prevention and detox. How can i eliminate constipation without the extreme of enema

part one

part two

'Darko Velcek | Detoxing the Body and Building Blood with Water and Salt | May 31, 2023' have 6 comments

  1. June 5, 2023 @ 3:25 pm SM

    Hi Patrick, Darko Velcek mentioned his use of a becks blood electrification device and wanted to share my experience. I built one a number of years ago and used it with great success for illness and also as a general tonic. I have also bought a blood electrifier as a comparison two years ago out of interest and as a comparison and found it to be of excellent quality and more convenient because it only used one 9v battery instead of three batteries that my homemade device uses. Here is the website for the one I bought https://electronickitcomplete.com/ it is very well made and a very reasonable price.
    Kind regards


    • June 6, 2023 @ 9:18 am patrick

      Tell us more about the experience you have with this device please?


  2. June 6, 2023 @ 3:58 pm Jimmie

    The day before I listened to this Darko show I contemplated the very topic you brought up…that God sacrificed his only son….With the questions as to who sacrifices their children? Then, what kind of “God” wants you to make blood sacrifices anyway? Hmm. Maybe just interlopers from the Universe manipulating the monkeys on this planet. Not the real deal. The Big Con. They even left instruction books for ya! Excellent information on the minerals and salt. Thank you.


  3. July 3, 2023 @ 6:10 pm Oliver

    It is interesting to hear people claim there is no such thing as a virus or disease.

    I have yet to hear anyone ask them to answer the question: well then what is Herpes; HSV1 (oral), HSV2 (genital), shingles and five or six other variations.

    So please ask one of these learned people to tell us how to get rid of the fever blisters on the skin and to remedy the fatigue and neuropathy all over the body.


    • July 3, 2023 @ 6:27 pm patrick

      We’ve asked Oliver. You probably are just new to this work. There’s an explanation for all of these Issues listed. All are not due to some infection viral or bacterial. These are all detox mechanisms. Something is oozing out cause it can’t get out through regular pathways. i.e. the patient is so toxic…

      I encourage you to search on our site for: Cowan, Kaufman, Daniels, Vollmer, Stone, Bailey … and you can learn what is provable and what isn’t. Good question, however.


  4. July 6, 2023 @ 5:22 pm Tony

    A teaspoon of dry table salt is about 5 grams. A heaping teaspoon might be close 10 grams. The 25 gram amount described by Valcek is probably due to the sea salt being wet.


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