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Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine

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Show highlights:

“Yesterday was Paul Revere Day,” according to Dr. Richard Massey.

What is the difference between freedom and the escape from tyranny? How did this distinction affect U.S. history and our treatment of the Indigenous people?

The vaccine issue follows the same pattern of freedom versus escape from tyranny. The choice is up to us.

Dr. Massey recommends Jackie Schlegel of Texans for Vaccine Choice as a future One Radio Network guest.

How do we transcend Them versus Us? It’s about choosing freedom over escape from tyranny.

Dr. Massey discovered how murder joins families together. He discusses his participation in the Sun Dance ceremony.

Medical cannabis is now legal in Texas. Dr. Massey holds up his pair of cannabis socks. THC medicine is also available with a prescription in Texas.

How does Recall Healing address marijuana and what does it have to do with existential dread?

“According to AA, being drunk is the closest thing to a spiritual experience that isn’t a spiritual experience,” says Dr. Massey. Alcohol is even referred to as “spirits.”

Can hydrogen peroxide replace antibiotics? Can it treat viruses? How does spirituality connect with biology?

“Spiritually we’re already free, but we want the biology to walk that out,” says Dr. Massey. “Don’t question ourselves. Question belief.”

Patrick discusses how his stretching has helped him work through past traumas.

A listener asks about a prolapsed uterus.

What are Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s Five Levels of Healing and how do they apply to the uterus? Why are we healing all the time? Why is there no such thing as not healing?

The uterus is our first home. It correlates with all the homes we live in after birth.

“I just came out because I ran out of womb,” jokes Patrick.

The vaccines are not going very well, ” says Patrick. “If their goal is to reduce the population and not pro-life, then it’s working very well,” replies Dr. Massey.

One goal of the mainstream medical industry is to stem the population.

Dr. Massey explains the so-called Irish potato famine. Over a million people died in five years. It was not a famine; it was a forced starvation by the British military.

What is the difference between forgiving and dropping judgment? “Even Jesus didn’t forgive. He asked God to do it,”

A listener asks above hip osteoarthritis. Can Recall Healing help avoid hip replacement?

“We can fool some people, but we cannot fool the subconscious.” Dr. Massey provides examples.

Lack of hip movement is involved in forced sex. How is it involved in other things we’re forced to do?”

A listener asks about cold feet. The feet are where we contact Mother Earth. How does Recall Healing address contact with a warm mother? How can you feel the warmth of the mother?

How do flat feet relate to the mother? What about flat feet or high arches or hammer toes?

“How is thyroid involved in cold feet?” asks Patrick.

A listener asks about erectile dysfunction and lower back pain. Dr. Massey explains how to make Mr. Happy happy again.

A listener asks about Dr. Massey’s YouTube video on Freedom from Judgement.

Dr. Richard Massey M.D. talks about releasing all judgments and gaining true freedom, April 19, 2021

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