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George Wiseman is a true American inventor, with a twist. He invents world changing technology but does not patent it. Instead he sells the information and devices goes directly to the public and teaches as many people as he can how to duplicate his innovations. Yes, several people have used his technologies to make millions and not paid Mr. Wiseman a dime. But that is OK by Mr. Wiseman, because he is trying to get his innovations actually USED by the public. He thinks of himself as an alternative energy researcher and started his business, Eagle-Research, in 1984; at first selling fuel saving information and technology. He was able to revolutionize that genre, not only inventing several practical fuel savers, but also the technology that allowed fuel savers to interface with modern fuel systems. He then became an expert in Browns’ Gas, also known as HHO or HydrOxy, and has focused on that for the last 20 years. Fuel Savings was just one of the more than 30 useful applications for HydrOxy. Another Mr. Wiseman optimized was using HydrOxy to replace torch fuels like acetylene.
The application he is currently focused on is HydrOxy for health.  Hydrogen for health is fast becoming one of the most important innovations of all time and Mr. Wiseman is guiding the technology into using practical and SAFE technologies to apply it.

Hydrogen is just a food and a nutrient.  Doesn’t kill anything.  It’s a building block.

Is number 1 on treatment list in China for the “cooties”.

“Cooties” is a blood disease, not a lung disease.  Characterized by low oxygen saturation without shortness of breath.   It kicks the iron off the RBC, and then the RBC can’t accept oxygen.  Brown’s gas from the AquaCure (but not hydrogen gas) has electrically extended water that allows the extra ions to give a charge to the RBC.  The iron in the plasma can then reattach to the RBC.

George says we should drink between 1-2 liters of water a day.  Best to drink distilled water infused with Brown’s gas.  10 minutes at 100% fully charges the water with Brown’s gas.  Bottle with a sealed lid loses half the goodness in a day.

Distilled water can be dehydrating.  Is deficient in electrons. shows how well plants do with Brown’s gas.

Will Brown’s gas water make me too alkaline?  High Ph water is healthy, but the reason it’s healthy is because of the hydrogen.

Go to articles at  High Ph water with no hydrogen had no health benefits.  Drink 1 quart of Brown’s gas water 30 minutes before a meal. 

Special ongoing offer.  20% off AquaCure with ONERADIO promo code. 

Why is George passionate about providing the benefits of AquaCure to more people?

Woman with lupus had remission of symptoms after 3 weeks of using the AquaCure.

George is developing a course for teaching someone how to build an AquaCure.

Every disease is caused by or exacerbated by lack of sufficient hydrogen.

Dr Levy: Oxidation is disease.  George: Hydrogen is used in medical therapies.  Is the world’s best anti-oxidant.  Only gets rid of the bad free radicals.  H2 Is the #1 thing for life.

62% of the body is hydrogen.  The universe is mostly hydrogen.  Hydrogen is stored in water.  Hydrocarbons are mostly hydrogen.  But it takes a lot of energy to get the hydrogen from food.

Intestines can breath.  Carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen goes into the bloodstream through the colon walls.

Using Brown’s gas in goggles. 

The most important days in a person’s life are the day they were born, and the day they find out why.

Person in England reports symptoms when 5G started.  Symptoms were ameliorated after hours of breathing Brown’s gas.

Taking prebiotics to produce microbes that metabolize the Brown’s gas.

Any way to get hydrogen is better than none.

Why George says his AquaCure machine is the best: Life time warranty, great quality, safety features, functionality, exterior applications.  2 new protocols coming.  Satisfaction guaranteed for 1 year.

Safety alarms for low water, high water, high pressure.  Runs on lower pressure than other machines, has a pressure relief valve.

The body prioritizes what part it works on first.  Helps balance weight.

Increase in life span of lab rodents by 25-50% with inhalation of Brown’s gas.

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