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Patrick loves Fridays because he gets to connect with listeners and talk about everything under the sun. Do you have a question or comment about health or well being? How about spiritual concepts? What do you think about our reality? Are we suffering from mass psychosis or being programmed? Did we go to the moon? Is the world a sphere spinning through space? Join the conversation. We have loads of fun!!

If God is love (or spirit) and we are love, why can’t we see it?  Unless we see and feel it, we can’t have God realization. 

We want to feel this love.  But it’s hard to love ourselves.

How to experience more God love?  It’s there.  God doesn’t withhold love because of “sin”, his love is unconditional.

Subconsciously, we don’t feel worthy enough.  Forgive yourself.  Tell yourself I am worthy until there are no “buts” left.

Write “I am worthy” everyday, meditate on it, give it some focus and energy.

Total lunar eclipse on November 8.  ORN show on 11/8 will be about understanding it from a non-heliocentric approach.

Video of girl asking Buzz Aldrin why we didn’t go to the moon, and Buzz saying we didn’t.

Lots of reasons why we never went to the moon.  But these people know how to program all of us that we did.  Governments lie.

How can the government help us?  Getting out of our lives, lowering taxes, and supporting the Constitution.

Flurry of excitement over the 11/8 election coming up.  Don’t think anyone is going to save us and make our lives better.

Want to find ivermectin?  Google “Doctors who Prescribe Ivermectin” or “FLCCC Alliance Ivermectin”.

Listener recommends checking out R.E.M “Stand” song lyrics.

Recommendation for Andreas Seed Oils milk thistle oil, plus all his other oils.

Listener wonders why carnivore advocates look terrible.  Pictures please?

Brian wonders why Patrick is down on sugar when Atom and Dr. Peat aren’t.

Atom practices mind over matter.  He’s like a yogi.  Many experts say sugar causes fluctuating blood glucose levels and is just not good for us.

Dairy allergy?  The reason the gut gets permeable and leaks indigestible proteins is because of eating non-species-appropriate food.

Go to Atom’s to get actual solar time.

Listener says since 1980 Warren Buffett has been getting ¼ of his total calories from sugar and fructose.  He eats sirloin steak too.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff to make a cameo appearance on Fox about devastating neurological diseases that will follow COVID jabs.

Listener says money is a huge way the crooks control the population.  Indeed.

Tired of the Matrix?  Just exit spiritually.  Eat God.

Objects in distance disappear because of limits in our distant vision, not because they went over a curve.

The body is always trying to heal.  Wise words from Dr. Tom Cowan.  It’s not germs that are attacking it.

Coin special from Fred Dashevsky with US Coin Capitol.   20 MS65 St. Gaudens and 10(?) silver dollars.  They sell only real American money, 3rd party graded, in sealed plastic containers.  Check out values in coin guide books.

1 silver quarter still gets you 2 gallons of gas even 59 years later.

Patrick’s gut is solid as a rock 5 months after carnivore diet.

Doctor says majority of people are sensitive to dairy which causes leaky gut.  Patrick says he has it backwards.

Guest on Monday 11/7/22, Dr. John Jaquish, is author of Weight lifting is a Waste of Time.  Will talk about muscle building using X3 bands.  You don’t lock out muscles and never take pressure off.  Muscles don’t tear, just get bigger. 

Need to distinguish between raw vs. pasteurized, homogenized milk, and grass-fed vs. grain fed cows, when criticizing dairy for causing intolerance.

Protests in New Zealand over government decision to tax cow farts and burps.

7,500 Twitter employees notified that layoffs have begun. They represent an estimated $562 million payroll a day.

Listener said a company wanted to put wind turbines on his property.  Said NO!  They release electromagnetic fields into the land.

Most every tech company in Silicon Valley is laying people off.

Zuckerberg has lost $100 billion in net worth in the last 13 months as the stock price of Meta collapsed.

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