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How Do Eclipses Work On A Flat Earth Model?

Most of us have spent our lives believing the earth is heliocentric, simply because that’s what we’ve always been taught. However, as more of us begin to question everything we’ve been told, it might be time to revisit that theory.   Despite so many beings awakening to truth in other parts of their lives, many are still hesitant to take Flat Earth theory more seriously. At the core of this reluctance is the question: why does it matter?    Who stands to gain from the myth of a heliocentric system, and how would our lives be impacted if we found out we were being lied to all along?    In this episode, host of the Flat Earth Podcast, David Weiss shares his thoughts on why the heliocentric model affects us more than we realize. 

Flat earthers don’t believe in a flat disc floating in space.  It’s a strawman. 

Searching on Google won’t uncover the truth about the non-heliocentric world.  Google hides truthful videos.

Look at video: A Stranger Guide To Earth 21 Questions.

Virtual summit True Earth Mount Meru coming on Friday, Saturday Nov. 11/12.  Sign up at temms.live or FlatEarthDave.com.  Use FEDAVE50 $50 off discount code.  Many big names.  Can rewatch it anytime.

Mount Meru Is the virtual center of the earth.

Kelly Brogan is almost a flat earther.  Has done interviews with Dave Weiss.

Joe Rogan said “there’s no way you can convince me we went to the moon.”  Then interviewed Neil DeGrasse Tyson, said maybe we did go.  Got his contract with Spotify.  He sold out.

NASA picture of the LEM -Lunar Excursion Module.  It looks ludicrous.  Are they laughing at us?

How can Dave prove NASA’s photos are CGI?  They don’t say they are photos.  Admits their photos are fake, made in Photoshop.

Blue Origin video of weightlessness in space is all trickery and multiple edits.

Why can’t you take a picture of the edge of the flat earth?  We’re in a pond and not allowed to cross 60 degrees south.

Can’t have air pressure without a container.

How high is the firmament?  About 73 miles.  NASA not allowed to explore higher.

Books about the outer land: The Iron Republic by C.J. Austin, and The Navigator Who Crossed the Ice Wall

The universe is a complex of ponds with a source energy.  See video.  It’s Star Wars with The Force here on a physical plane.

The ponds are separated by multiples of miles, not light-years.

$35 trillion of US debt.  Interest per year is $1.5 trillion.  Will be worse with rising interest rates now.  Repaying $100,000 every year would require 28,000 years to pay off.

How can a flat earth have a lunar eclipse?  See Dave’s video of the sun and moon circling around.  Stars outrun the sun which outruns the moon.

Lunar eclipse is not the earth blocking the moon.

Brightness on earth from moonlight means the moon is not a solid object.  The moon is evenly lit, which means it is its own light source.  But NASA says moon is 250,000 miles away.

Selenelion eclipses where people have seen both the moon and the sun at the same time, with both above the horizon.  Heliocentric model can’t explain it.

Earth is traveling 4.5 billion miles a year, stars have their own orbits.  Yet a night sky photo from the same spot year to year will line up perfectly.  Also same year after year.

Impossible for a supercomputer to predict where 3 bodies will be when each is orbiting.

NASA won’t appear to debate heliocentric model with earthcentric model believers. 

What if nuclear bombs weren’t real?  If their radiation isn’t real?  They want us stuck in the prison of the matrix.  Don’t want us to know we are the beneficiaries of the creation.

No one was allowed to report on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki “nuclear” bombing. 

Dave tears apart the videos of Elon Musk’s space flight and NASA videos.  Vertical landings are impossible.

Dave shows with a video why seasons change and days shorten.

See Dave’s Flat Earth Sun Moon & Zodiac app for $3, plus more playlists.  Use FriendFinder to find other flat earthers.

$11/year subscription or a referral program using DITRH.

How deep is flat earth?  The Great Bore Hole in Russia, deepest hole ever dug, at 7 miles hit something impenetrable they couldn’t get through.

Is the core of earth really molten lava?

The only people who have control of you are in your imagination.  They are not allowed to take your free will.  But programming us with fear and lack. 

Globers say there is a horizon but you can’t see it because of refraction.

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