Jesse Kalsi


Author of All About Numbers: Attract Luck, Abundance, and Joy Based on Your Numbers

No doubt you’ve heard about numerology, the study of the influence of numbers on your life and destiny. But chances are you’ve never heard about ASTRONUMEROLOGY!

That is because it’s the discovery of Jesse Kalsi, a world-renowned counselor sought out by Hollywood and Bollywood stars, Silicon Valley billionaires, real estate moguls, entertainment companies and people just like you. Jesse has discovered the inter-connection between the planets and numbers. You could make certain assumptions about your optimum numbers that can be counter-influenced by a planet that isn’t in alignment with the numbers you thought were favorable.

But that’s not all! Jesse can predict positive or negative outcomes based on the numbers of your home address, your bank account, your cell phone number, the car you drive, the colors you wear, the partners you align with, the people–including lovers–in your sphere, the investments you make, the months of the year that are favorable to you personally, the pet you own and a host of other factors—based on YOUR numbers and how they match or conflict with these other elements in your life!

And as a highly successful real estate professional for many years, he applies all of this to a form of home or property analysis that brings to bear numbers with the Vedic tradition of balancing the five elements of water, fire, air, earth and space. 

So if something isn’t working in your life, your numbers may tell the story! Including the numbers represented by the individual planets that are connected to you. Further, Jesse says there are “heavy numbers” that will stop you—or anyone else– in their tracks—numbers to be avoided at all costs! On the contrary, there are VERY lucky numbers, too!

So what if you have a street address that is bringing unhappiness, heartache, illness or financial distress—and you are not ready to up and move? Jesse is famous for inventing the address “patch,” a slight change directed by the numbers that will transform misfortune into fortune!

Do numbers have energy to them?

We all have our best numbers. 

Jesse says he incarnated on a special day, and the numbers of that day represent who he is.

Chaldean numerology – is the core.  It’s numbers rather than planets that determine a person’s personality and future.

Start with birthday and then harmonize around that date to balance your energies.

Is there such a thing as luck?

We’re here to pass through whatever we get from spirit.

To succeed, we need talent, hard work, and the luck factor.

What to do about numbers that aren’t good for us?

Jesse works out Patrick’s numbers.  He benefits from a gold ring with a ruby and cat’s eye.

Nancy has some good and bad numbers for her.  Good karma, but her house number is blocking her.  Jesse says how to fix it.

Everyone has a stone and a color that’s good for them.  Important to wear the right one.

Linda also has strong numbers, and Jesse gives a patch for her house number.  Amber is good for her.

Alexandria has a good house number.  She should wear ruby in a gold setting and cat’s eye to strengthen her foundation.

Mismatches in energy underlie poor relationships.

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  1. February 12, 2022 @ 5:20 pm Anne

    This was a fun show! I think there really is something to energetics and numbers. Lloyd Mear is another fun person on this.


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