Maria Reich

Canine Nutritionist and Author of A Thousand Lifetimes: The Story of a Woman and Her Dog – Both Sides of the Tale


On the way to the Dog shelter to give some donated items, as she wasn’t in the market for a dog, she heard quite clearly on the inner planes, “Get a deaf dog.”  And a few minutes later she met Celeste, a Pit Bull, who just happened to be deaf.

As the USA moved away from small independent farms, in favor of large corporately owned operations, the quality and diversity of the food supply decreased drastically. Our food supply is now controlled by a few large corporations who have selected the food we and our pets eat, with profit margin and shelf life as two of the most important factors. This has resulted in drastic health consequences for both people and our companion animals.  “If you eat animal products, and most of our dogs and cats do, then we have to take into account what our food animals are fed,” stresses animal wellness consultant Maria Reich. “After all we are what we eat eats. Factory farmed animals are fed food that contains: animal waste, antibiotics, de-wormers, anti-bloating drugs, beta agonists, hormones, organoarsenicals (arsenic), PCB’s, plastics, BHA, and rendered animal proteins from 4D animals (diseased, down, dead and dying) which are prohibited in human food products. Much of this will be stored in muscle, organs, and fat which is then consumed by us and our pets.”  Fortunately, we can make choices for ourselves and our pets that minimize our exposure to unhealthy foods, reversing many of the issues we face.

Maria Reich is a certified canine nutritionist, and co-owner of The Pet Health & Nutrition Center. She has trained in Canine Science and has worked with animals for decades. She specializes in helping support animals with an impressive array of disorders using holistic protocols, including nutrition, herbs, whole food supplements, homeopathic remedies and other modalities for natural healing.  Reich is also author of A Thousand Lifetimes: The Story of a Woman and Her Dog – Both Sides of the Tale [January 1, 2019], which shares the emotional (and real life) love story between herself and her other rescued, deaf pit bull Celestial (Celeste), as told by Reich and Celeste—through animal communicator Carol Harrison.

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The state of most pet food, even “the best” is quite a challenge and you will learn some ideas on the subject.

Cats are obligate carnivores, and not so much on chicken

One Radio Network’s favorite store bought pet food is from Dr. Broderick at Cornucopia Pet Foods, totally organic…totally

Maria suggested that Dr. Richard Schultz, University of Wisconsin, Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine has a reasonable approach to vaccines for our animals.  Let us know what you think.


We invite you to post pics of your four legged family members on a brand new face book page, the home of a soon to be non profit foundation with one mission, and that is to help humans understand the fact that “Animals are Souls Too.”


Maria Reich with her experiences with Celeste a white pit bull, who happened to be deaf, April 4, 2019

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