Martin Armstrong

Founder of Armstrong Economics and Author of The Cycle of War & the Coronavirus and Manipulating the World Economy

The Cycle of War & the Coronavirus is the most comprehensive review of the cycle of war and civil unrest throughout history. This covers everything from tax rebellions that spark revolutions such as “No Taxation Without Representation” to international wars instigated by lies and deceptions. This goes into the rise of Marxism and its fall yet we still face yet another attempt to conquer the world by the left. You will find the entire world covered from Europe and Asia to Russia and the Middle East.

About Manipulating the World Economy: The economic theories that dominated the field during the 20th century have failed us and empowered government to believe they can manipulate the business cycle. Every economic theory presented post-Marxism has assumed that the complexity of the business cycle can be reduced to a single cause and effect. To date, no attempt to manipulate the cycle has prevented a recession or financial crisis. We now face a truly monumental crisis. Central banks around the world are trapped. Their attempt to stimulate the economy through Quantitative Easing and rate manipulation has disastrously failed. The central banks have primarily purchased government debt, effectively keeping governments on life support by allowing them to issue new debt at substantially lower rates. In addition to catastrophic Quantitative Easing policies, political fiscal spending on various programs and agencies has burdened governments with a debt that they can never repay. The future crisis is one created by government. This time, we are not likely to fix the problem without major political reform, which all governments will resist. These policies have led many to assume that government can freely create money without inflation. After creating trillions of dollars to buy government debt with no appreciable inflation, many conclude that everything has changed. They are calling this the Modern Monetary Theory. If they are correct, then why bother to have taxes or borrow money continuously with no intention of paying off national debts? Governments, in modern theory, can simply create an endless supply of money to create a new modern version of Utopia. Can we throw away all economic history for an experiment that could unravel civilization if the theory proves to be wrong? What are the risks? Can it really be that easy? Are there any examples from the past that we can look to for answers?

Armstrong Economics offers unique perspective intended to educate the general public and organizations on the underlying trends within the global economic and political environment. Our mission is to research historical cyclical patterns and market behavior in timing, price and crisis to better understand and identify potential future trends, using an extensive monetary database and advanced proprietary models.

Supply side economics is what creates the inflation.

Who are the people pulling the strings?  The globalists from Geneva?

What was Trump’s mistake?  Thinking he could actually run the country?

They want their own, and they don’t care if they’re Republican or Democrat.

It’s all about the debt.  The whole system is collapsing.  Pension funds need 8% annually to break even.  CalPERS (California pension system) lost money on the green investments.  

They want control, period.  Klaus Schwab says default and you retain power.  They want to completely change the monetary system, completely. 

The ECB (European Central Bank) can go bankrupt.  They need permission to monetize. COVID restrictions on movement are to prevent people from getting together and overthrowing the system.  Whereas the Federal Reserve can’t go bankrupt.

People will accept anything when they know it’s all lost.

Are there big cycles in history?

It’s socialism collapsing now (look at all the social programs), not capitalism.

In Lenin’s time, people had nothing, serfdom had just been abolished, so they could sell communism to the people.  Today, people have something and they don’t want to lose it.

It’s mostly academics and their theories who look at us like animals to be corralled.  Read Stanley Milgram Obedience to Authority

70% of paper US dollars are outside the country.  That’s why it’s the reserve currency.  US is different than Europe.

When the US goes to digital money, what happens to the US dollar?

In December 1922 the government took 10% of everyone’s money.  The people no longer trusted the government.  That’s what started the inflation, not the printing of money.  Anything of real value rose tremendously in price.

Fed Reserve was private when it first started.   It was supposed to be a bailout, to create elastic money.  Then the government got involved, and the independence of the Fed has been dissolving ever since.

Interest rate is supposed to reflect the inflation rate.

We’re going into stagflation now.  Demand isn’t rising, GDP is declining, but prices are rising because of shortages.

Alternative energy supplies only 5% of energy needs today.  Can’t make up for the loss of fossil fuel supplies, but they want to eliminate fossil fuel use and pipelines today.

Is Bitcoin safe and a good long term investment?

They have systematically destroyed the world economy.

What should we do to protect and invest and save now?  Pre-1965 silver and gold coins?  Collectibles?  Cash?  Real estate?

Does Martin Armstrong have a scenario to beat the 15% inflation rate?

Armstrong’s A.I. program SOCRATES monitors over 1000 markers globally.

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