Mary Otto-Chang

Former U.N. Employee & Whistleblower

Corporate coup d’etat of the UN; How Can We Stop the Tyranny?

Mary Otto-Chang, 62 year old Canadian and Jamaican citizen.  Mary spent about 20 years in the UN over a thirty year span and is now retired.  She has travelled to and worked in many countries and has had experience in international organizations, national governments, academic organizations, the private sector and NGOs.  Mary’s main fields are disaster risk reduction, adaptation to climate change and macro planning.  Technically she is most versed in Program Design and Strategic Planning.  She is currently a PhD Candidate in Noetic Studies.

For many years, the UN has done good work.  Was weakened in 1990s and since taken over by corporate forces .

Look at the Pilgrim Society, one of the sources of the powerful people. 

NGOs are bring used as fronts. NGOs are non-government organizations, civil society not-for-profit organizations.

Agenda 21 is the formula of a Trojan horse, of exaggeration and partial truth.  Was first global agenda which looked at human development and ecological sustainability.  Has since been weaponized to tax and control.

How can an organization in Geneva control what happens in Madison, Wisconsin or Austin, Texas?

Mainstream media has been taken over, entertainment infiltrated, politicians bribed and coerced.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is an agency of the United Nations.  WHO is only allowed to advise and advocate, as long as they fit the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

WHO is supposed to look at all scientific reports from all countries. 

What does Mary think of Trump’s effort to pull funding from the UN?

Putin’s delivered an elegant dismissal of the fourth industrial revolution.

Main weapon used by bad interests was words.  English is the power language at the UN.  Most common words used as weapons today are The Great Reset.

Draconian staffing changes in 1990 when President H.W. Bush pulled funding.  Senior staff let go, short-term employment contracts started, nefarious effects.  Was it deliberate?

Patty asks: Are there forces that truly want to depopulate earth?

Look at COP26 in Glasgow to see how serious they are about climate change.  Green New Deal is just another offshoot, and a camouflage.

Throw out your smartphones and your laptops.  Not being able to digitalize us all would be a big setback to them.

Look at World Economic Forum website and look at their tool for integrative planning.  They want global control, singularity (human-A.I. chimera), 4th Industrial Revolution, 21 short term goals, and 2 long term goals with no deadline.

They have been planning this for decades.  Is it being run by A.I.?  Before they started the Covid pandemic, they figured they had already won.

They control the politicians by bribery and dirt gathered by Mossad and other agencies.  Big money involved.

It’s worse when you don’t know.  Don’t judge the messenger, but look at the message.  Mary’s personal history has been drastically altered on the web since she’s become a whistleblower, with her employment history at the UN obliterated.

'Mary Otto Chang – Corporate coup d’etat of the UN; How Can We Stop the Tyranny? – November 23, 2021' has 1 comment

  1. November 27, 2021 @ 4:54 pm Bubba J

    I don’t think throwing out our computers or internet is going to help us, it can actually help us organize. But throwing out our phones might be good, unless it’s a dumb-phone then those maybe okay, but still, all those RF towers are a potential energy weapon system. Most people are still living in the 1800’s technologically, but they need to realize there are new technologies that are giving criminals alot of leverage over us. Sigh. Whatever. I think we’re all just talking to the wind now… we need real organization on a local basis.


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