Show highlights:

What should we do if the Biden administration raises taxes, as they most certainly will?

Did Antifa have anything to do with the siege on the Capitol?

What are the Four Organic Laws of the United States? What does the Constitution say?

Patrick discusses a video he’s been playing on One Radio Network — a discussion between Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes, and Charlie Ward (Jan. 7, 2021).

Who is Maria Zach? Who is Arturo D’Elia? Is there an “Italian connection” to the 2020 Dominion voter fraud in the U.S.?

Was the Vatican, Obama, and the CIA involved?

Patrick talks about the spiritual aspects of the coming four years of government (regardless of whether it’s a Trump or Biden administration).

David e-mails Patrick with a message of hope.

Patrick replies to Carol about Antifa’s alleged involvement in the Capitol siege.

Was the attempted coup going on inside or outside the Capitol building?

Did Trump really fly to Texas last night to figure out what to do next?

Patrick recommends watching this week’s ORN guests — Matthew Ehret, James Lyons-Weiler, Martin Armstrong, etc.

“The more vaccines, the more autism.”

Patrick advises people not to get attached to geopolitics when things get so “bonkers.”

“We’re in the Kali Yuga. Things are supposed to be bonkers. The more bonkers it is, the easier it is to grow spiritually.”

A listener writes in about Juan O Savin’s video about the “Italian connection.”

What are the dangers of the COVID vaccine?

Patrick is considering doing a second dry fast.

Daniel writes in about the Blue Shield product.

Chris calls in from Pennsylvania, under the governance of Tommy the Commie (Democrat Tom Wolf).

They discuss the Van Allen Belts and how lethal they are.

Did we really land on the Moon? Was it possible back in the 1960s?

“We appreciate your ongoing support. May the blessings be.”


Open Phone and Email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, January 8, 2021

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