Show highlights:

Changes are in the wind: social, political, economical, etc

Without challenges, it’s really hard to grow spiritually

We talked to Dr. Tom Cowan yesterday. He has an interesting take on COVID-19. Check it out if you haven’t already

Are we just in the 1st phase of this economic downfall?

Patrick explains why he thinks it’s really dangerous to watch television, especially in times like these

Bill, in Fredricksburg, calls in. He tells us about a protocol he heard about for coronavirus which involves Robitussin

Living in a world with 5G; Patrick believes spiritually will play a big part in survival

A listener asks about how to build a house to essentially be a faraday cage

Coined by Richard Maybury: Do everything you have agreed to do and don’t encroach on anyone or their property

Patrick reads the side effects of the anti-malaria drug that may be used for COVID-19. Funny how MMS has zero side effects, but is illegal to use

Denise calls in to share what she thinks about the coronavirus; it’s a real thing she thinks , but it’s a cover story for the real problem. What she shares is interesting and it would be a good thing in the long run ,but we still have doubts

A caller discusses magnets and the Earths poles and magnetism with Patrick

Julie calls in to talk about the link between sleep apnea, GERD, and mouthing breathing

Dr. Steve Shiver calls in to talk about some things to do for your throat during this crisis

Is the far infrared sauna helpful in combating the virus and also if a person gets it what are the best measures to take?

Positive thoughts from a listener: We can actually raise our frequency above 5g through diet, lifestyle. It’s not that it’s bad, its a catalyst to grow beyond it…. a push to move us forward….

Here’s a couple of links we’re sharing for some of the things we talked about on the show

Richard Maybury sent a link to get the full April/May Newsletter free. He will be on the show soon so please lookout for him as an upcoming guest. He’s brilliant

The Package insert for this Malaria drug they are going to sell American’s for Corona

The Nixtamilzed Yellow Corn Hominy Grits

The link to the place for MMS we spoke about

A favorite sleep product for the parasympathetic sleep and heart

and so much more!

Open Phones with You, Doodle and Patrick and The Winds of Changes are blowing, big time, March 20, 2020 ONE

Open Phones with You, Doodle and Patrick and The Winds of Changes are blowing, big time, March 20, 2020 TWO

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