Patrick Timpone

It Takes A Long Time to Get Young

Spotify has same owners as Moderna, per Dr. Malone.

Inflation is expansion of money supply.  Private bankers create the money and loan it to us.

Why don’t the news media talk about the real cause of inflation?

How safe are Treasury bonds?  Would the US government ever default on their debts?

Pension funds invest In Treasury funds.  Need 5-6% interest to stay even, but interest rates are far less now.  What happens if they go bankrupt?

If market doesn’t buy enough, the NY Federal Reserve creates money to buy Treasuries.  This is inflation.

Real inflation rate is about 15%, per John Williams of ShadowStats.

Patrick’s usual propane bill is $300.  Last week it was $752.

Send Bitcoin to truckers through Tallycoin.

Foucault’s pendulum moves by the ether.  The ether moves you too.

What is the Great Reset really about?  We are creating an entirely new reality.  The bonkers isn’t who we are and they can’t hurt us.

Anytime we criticize and judge someone else, you’re doing it to yourself.

There’s always a way, and there’s always another step.

The only thing in our control is us.  The only thing that controls reality is us.

Are they trying to cripple the US so badly that they have to come up with a new thing?

Why is the Federal Reserve a Ponzi scheme?

Lily Ann calls about improving breathing (inclined bed therapy, nasal dilators) and other subjects.

We are communicating with everybody all the time telepathically.  Beware of judgmental thoughts.

Organic food is essential for our pets. 

Listener asks about “horns” appearing and disappearing on forehead.

Lawrence says he likes Christopher Lee Maher’s message.  Asks about his imaging of a round earth.

Psychic experience is mental vs. surrendering to God to see more of the truth.

Listener asks about evading paying taxes if you don’t like contributing to war.

Lynn says falsity of germ theory needs to be exposed.  Also that earth is said to be a spinning ball.

Atom explains the “horns” on the forehead.  A horseshoe magnet.

Listeners liked Jason Christoff.

NASA wants to destroy the International Space Station.  Does it really exist?

Why is the germ theory about more than germs?

What’s with Biden and others thinking Joe Rogan needs to be shut down for questioning vaccines?

Listener says the trucker convoy is too organized.

Listener said: ISS destruction is predictive programming, per the Clown World.

It’s all set up for another event after COVID.  Blame some new thing.

Tell the truth the best we know.  If we don’t, we’re on the hook.

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