Patrick Timpone

Financial shenanigans.  Is it time to get out of the stock market?

Is the vintage Carnation evaporated milk/karo syrup recipe an acceptable substitute for formula?

Sale on Surthrival Elk Velvet Antler.  Use Strong20 promocode to get 20% off.

The body is a representation of our state of consciousness.

Do internal conflicts cause every illness?

Debate about germ theory – Amandha Vollmer vs. Paul Cottrell.  On the ORN home page.

Would the truth about the germ theory ever be allowed to be heard in the mainstream?

Does it matter who believes or doesn’t in flat earth vs. spinning globe cosmology?

What to do if someone has cold feet?

ORN admirer in London especially appreciates Dr. Jennifer Daniels.

Listener comments on Dr. Bryan Ardis‘ What’s In The Water.

Why did Patrick’s rash clear up with bentonite clay?

Listener asks: Why doesn’t the sun shrink and expand if it’s a distant perception issue?

Monkey pox reported as the new threat.  WHO convenes emergency meeting.  US buys 13 million doses of monkey pox vaccine.

What are the benefits of jumping on the rebounder mini-trampoline?

The wonderful benefits of pine tree products.

The power of hanging (brachiation).  Do something.  Keep moving.

How to treat angry red hives that have lasted months?   Work on your anger.

Is the US controlled by a criminal syndicate?  We don’t have to be affected by these guys.  We’re here to learn how to not be influenced and controlled by the dark forces.

Kali yuga is the pits, and it’s what we’re in.  But we entered into a golden age 3-4 years ago.  Many souls are awakening up, joined forces with awakened beings after being pushed by COVID craziness.  Gravitated to more reasonable states.  Don’t get hooked by internet fearmongering.

The chance of gold and silver numismatics being 15% higher next year is better than the chance of the stock market being 15% higher.

With pending food shortages, plan for your pets.  Dogs need meat. are 100% organic.  Buy cases of their canned food at a discount.

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