Patrick Timpone

When Anything Goes…and Usually Does!!

No person can disrupt our reality.  It is impenetrable by anything, anyone, anywhere, unless we emotionally, mentally, spiritually, jump into their reality.

We create our experience.  We are here to know our Godness.

Are there germs?  We must clear out thoughts of things we think are true to know what The Truth is.

Do we care that other people want us to do things that we don’t want? 

The real action is our state of consciousness.  How do they try to get us into their reality?  Fear, but it comes from inside out, not outside in.  And it’s all done with only words.  Orwell had it right.

HIV and AIDS was the prelude to today’s virus scam.  Used drugs to kill them , now they have pills and boosters to  “treat/prevent” COVID.

What is Patrick’s weak link?  Poor digestion is a dry condition, need more oils.  Kapha – sense of heaviness – need raw food, juices.  Pitta – hot fiery – need cooling foods.  Vata – dry and cold, need oils.


Austria ends COVID lockdown for the vaxxed with certificates.  Unvaxxed can only go to work.

Mark asks about the best vaccine.  What are our choices re: the jab?

It’s all out there that this has been planned for years.

They own it all and they want more.  Will justice be forthcoming?

Some discussions from Patrick’s Telegram account:  What all does the pharmaceutical industry own and control? 

The problem is not civil disobedience, it’s civil obedience.  You can still be a good person with a kind heart and say no.

What do the Jesuits want?  What is their game plan?

Are the planets solid?  Is there a basis for astrology?  Why does Google hide search results on flat earth?  Why would they care?

Omicron is anagram for moronic.

Can a slow thyroid make the bladder oversensitive?  Pumpkin seed oil helps bladder and prostate. 

Tom asks about the placebo effect.  It works, and don’t think something is bad for you either.

Listener asks about vaccine exemptions.  Charlie Sewell’s approach vs. the religious exemption.

Why is the day longer on different longitudes on the same latitude?  In some places like Antarctica, the sun doesn’t go down for 3 months.

Pushback and accolades from listeners about flat earth theory, other topics.

Listener recommends watching the FPV Angel YouTube channel on cosmology.  Part of Dr. Barre Lando’s Alfacast.

Dr. Fauci says 3 Covid shots is optimal care.  Boris Johnson says 4 shots are needed. 

Dr. Cowan: Steps used to detect the Omicron variant.

Melissa Cuffi – has a good video on the Great Reset.

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