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The Truth Will Set You Free

If the sun is 93 million miles away, as NASA says, how can sunspots be seen from earth?

Email Patrick to get link for Lost History videos.

Why is the UN and USGS using a world map created in 1800?

Why was NASA created after Admiral Byrd’s expedition?  Why did we supposedly go to the moon?

Video of Conan O’Brien interviewing Buzz Aldrin:  “It’s make believe.”

Emailer Phil reacted negatively to Santos Bonacci.

What does Patrick mean when he says we are the only truth there is?

As Tom Luongo advised, If someone wants to force you to take the jab, don’t quit.  Make them fire you.

Is college worth the tuition?

Video from Eric Dubay debunking NASA’s credibility on the moon landing adventure.

Are fallen angels trying to blast through the firmament?  Are the globalists?

Are satellites a scam too?  Why is NASA the number one purchaser of helium and balloons?

Emailer Judy asks how long remdesivir stays in the body.  Email Dr. Ardis.

Go to Bitchute to see videos of ORN.  Patrick recommends subscribing to Bitchute to get auto updates.

Billy from Portugal shares how he is touched by Patrick and his shows.  Comments on David Weiss and Santos
Bonacci, a long-distance flight, and sailing trips.

Emailer says Patrick is a conspiracy theorist and not looking at the truth.

Emailer looking for recommendation of where to find reasonably priced property in Texas.

Emailer asked her granddaughter to live by Richard Maybury’s 17 words. Looking into Eckankar. 

Patrick expounds on Eckankar.

Coming up: The New Biology, a virtual True Healing Conference.  Oct 9-10, 2021.  Drs. Kaufman, Cowan, many others.


Emailer gives gravity as reason why pilots don’t need to nose down when the earth is round.  Patrick explains there is no gravity.

Emailer is struggling with sciatica.  How did Patrick ditch his sciatica?

Emailer asks: How does the earth being in a snow globe make us more spiritual?

The entire solar system moves around Polaris.

Hit to ORN listenership when Patrick and Andrew Gause supported Trump.

Mysterious floating white substance found in 5 Pfizer vials, but Pfizer says they’re safe.

Everything they’re doing is trying to turn the US into a third world country.  What will happen?

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  1. September 18, 2021 @ 10:42 am walter

    I think the money NASA collects goes into the chem-trail programs. Taking pubic money to poison the pubic.
    Have you seen “Under the Dome” ? Its an American science-fiction mystery drama television series.


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