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Whatever reality you have now is what you’ve created.  If you don’t like your reality, focus on something else.

Divine spirit is protecting us now.  We’re good.

98% of all you read on the internet and see on TV about the Russia-Ukraine invasion is wrong.  Veritas’ “What do you know about the Ukraine Russia Conflict” now playing on the ORN homepage.

Globalists have demonized Russia for years and want to break it up, install the NWO, and control the world.

The Great Awakening and the Second Coming are about the people finally waking up.

Trump didn’t want to get rid of NATO, he just wanted other countries to pay for it.

Russians have an entrenched fear of being invaded, due to their long history of being invaded by multiple countries.

Putin tried diplomatically to keep NATO away from his borders. 

US installed a Nazi government in Ukraine in 2013.  Russia suffered 20 million deaths from the Nazis in WWII.

Putin, Ji of China, India, and Iran are not having the fourth industrial revolution.

US government trying to claim Putin is crazy and want him assassinated.  The hypocrisy.  Think they can hurt China if it supports Putin.

Putin has all the cards, the gas and oil.  What can sanctions against him do?  How much will gas prices go up by summer?

Coriander seed oil to clean out useless eaters in your body. 

Dr. Boyd Haley’s OSR captured mercury in the body.  It was so good, they stopped him from selling it.

Will anyone ever use nuclear weapons?  Were Nagasaki and Hiroshima really ever bombed with nukes?

Russia says anyone sending weapons to Ukraine are enemies.  At least the no-fly zone over Ukraine is now off the table.  Tom Luongo predicts global ramifications for the west.  Russia says Zelensky left Ukraine for Poland.

Skin problems are usually liver related.

BBC pulls all reporters from Russia after Moscow criminalizes disinformation.

COVID is gone.  But it never existed.

We have experiences with people in dreams because we’re working stuff out with them.

How much do you and I as US residents have to deal with the karma that the US government is engendering?

Dr. Tom Cowan decided not to comply.  He streams at 1 pm CT on ORN every Friday.

Dr. Gared Judd wrotea book about how to have good teeth.  Read it for free at  Glycerin, which is in most toothpastes, prohibits remineralization of teeth.

Marcus calls to talk about insufflation with hydrogen gas and citizen rights.

Cold exposure activates brown fat and increases thermogenesis.  Might be why Patrick enjoys his very cold showers.

Atom says globalists want to first subjugate Russia and then China.

Next root race is expected to be yellow.

Thermite found at 911 site in NYC.  Will we see directed energy weapons used in the near future?

Listener asks about Sandoz distilling urea from urine collections.  Good for the skin.

Cancer starts from a trauma.  We give sympathy to it and then it becomes part of us.  Work with a German New Medicine practitioner, such as Dr. Melissa Sell, to resolve the trauma, or do recall healing with Dr. Richard Massey, prior ORN guests.

Would we be better off never turning on the TV, radio, or internet again?  Instead, listen to laughter, watch kids, and have happy times.

Start your own school and health system.  Ask divine spirit what to do and then listen.

If things aren’t solid, and they aren’t, then they can change anytime.

Phil comments on Patrick’s admonition to eat God and yet he talks about supplements a lot. 

Whole body cold water immersion as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Hollywood is controlled by the globalists.  They want to make you stupid.  But look for Taylor Sheridan,  a good actor, screenwriter, and director.

Listener asks what Patrick eats and takes for supplements.  Get everything from a once living source. 

Whatever you do, believe it’s going to be good for you.  Don’t get dependent on it.  Don’t be anal sphincter about it.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?

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  1. March 23, 2022 @ 4:46 pm BubbaJ

    In response to a flat earth video posted on your home page… I just have one point that I saw in a video that I thought was interesting… it’s impossible to see the curvature of the Earth from sea level, so it looks flat. If you’re in the middle of the ocean, and you look all around you, the horizon in all directions looks perfectly level/horizontal/flat, yes, that’s true, but that’s not proof that the Earth is flat. Imagine you are 1-inch tall and standing on a beach ball… it looks flat in every direction around you, because, in all directions (360 degrees), the horizon is exactly the same distance away from you. So the fact that it’s a sphere, is what makes it look flat when you’re standing on the sphere. You have to go very high up into the sky, off of the Earth, in order to be able to see the entire Earth… and THEN you CAN see the curvature of it. But the Earth is too big for us to see it’s entirety when we’re on the surface, even if we’re on top of a big mountain.


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