Richard Maybury

Founder of The Early Warning Report

Richard Maybury is widely regarded as one of the top free-market writers in America. His articles have appeared in the Wall Street JournalUSA Today and other major publications.

Richard Maybury publishes one of the most well respected newsletters on investing in the World: Early Warning Report. He’s asked us to give you a link, as his gift to the April-May 2020 newsletter. Enjoy

President of Henry Madison Research, Inc., Mr. Maybury is a world-renowned author, lecturer and analyst who consults with business firms and individuals in the U.S. and Europe.

Mr. Maybury is often compared to General Billy Mitchell. You may remember that Mitchell foretold the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; he was one of those rare individuals with the amazing knack for seeing through the “conventional wisdom” and political smoke screens, to spot crucial new trends – the kind that catch most other experts by surprise.

Throughout the 1990s, Mr. Maybury warned about a coming world war between Washington and Muslims, but few listened, just as few listened to Mitchell.

Ever since 9-11, thousands have been hanging on Mr. Maybury’s every word. Subscribers who have been taking his advice — to invest in things that do well in wartime — have been reaping astounding profits.

Mr. Maybury calls his viewpoint “Juris Naturalism,” which means the belief in a natural law that is higher than any government’s law. This, incidentally, was also the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the other American founders.

“Let me be very clear about this,” Mr. Maybury states. “I’m proud of my viewpoint and do not try to hide it behind a smokescreen of phony objectivity. I believe political power is the most evil thing humans ever discovered. It corrupts the morals and the judgment.”

Mr. Maybury has written 22 books and monographs, including his Uncle Eric series of books, which focus on economics, law and history. He has been interviewed on more than 250 radio and TV shows across America, on topics ranging from monetary policy, investments and business cycles to the geopolitics of the Mideast oil region and former Soviet Union, as well as U.S. foreign policy.

Do not be left in the dark about changing world events and their impact on you, your money, and your family. Know what others don’t, and subscribe to U.S. & World Early Warning Report today.

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Richard J. Maybury is the author of  U.S. & World Early Warning Report.

He and his wife were school teachers, but they were glad to leave the system because “pretty much anything the government does turns to garbage.”

Most of the money the government spends on schooling goes into real estate.

As a high school teacher, Richard Maybury was dismayed when an 18-year-old woman asked him, a 27-year-old man, for permission to go to the bathroom.

This happens when the curriculum for the past 100 years has been a socialist agenda.

Patrick asks if school uniforms are a good idea?

Maybury bases his work on two laws: (1) Do all you have agreed to do. (2) Do not encroach on other persons or their property.

Does government have to obey these two laws?

“Americans have been taught by the socialists that the government is responsible for everything,” according to Maybury.

Milton Friedman said that the decline of every civilization was preceded by a vast increase in government.

Are the young subsidizing the old, giving money to the Social Security Administration just so the government can spend it?

Is Social Security a Ponzi scheme? Is it a scam?

Was Social Security modeled after a Ponzi game? Did the government follow Ponzi’s plan?

Who was Charles Ponzi?

What is “means testing,” and is this a set-up for a wealth tax?

Patrick asks Maybury if he considers himself a Libertarian?

He’s hesitant to call himself a Libertarian because today it means you’re “mean” and “against the government,” and the Left thinks you’re attacking his God.

Patrick refers to a video where John Brennan says he and his intel community are “moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about” the pro-Trump “insurgency” that harbors “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians.”

Why are the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution the most important?

Are Executive Orders rule by decree?

Over 13,000 Executive Orders have been passed. How many has Joe Biden already issued in his first week as President?

“We don’t even have a Democracy anymore. We have a dictatorship,” says Maybury.

How is money and its inflation created?

What is the velocity of money’s effect on the economy?

Why are hard asset prices on the rise?

Will Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico become the next two states?

Patrick plays a tape of the Los Angeles City Council pledging allegiance to the Flag. Guess what word was left out?

What is the “CPI and other fairy tales,” and who said it?

Eleven Uncle Eric Books for Home Schooling are available on Richard Maybury’s website.

Richard Maybury, editor of Early Warning Report and his monthly visit, great stuff,. January 27, 2021

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