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Topic: Will they will figure a way not to finalize the election results according to the 20th. Amendment? If not, Trump’s term officially ends on January 20th and congress can put in whoever they want.

Richard Proctor is a retired professional who has been a member of the Constitution Party for over 10 years, and previous candidate for the State of Utah Auditor in 2008 & 2012.

The goal of the party in Utah is to spread the message of “Honoring God, Defending the Family, and Restoring the Republic to the principles given us by the Founding Fathers”.  This is the same message fostered by the Founding Fathers.  They understood that to remain a free and prosperous nation their message needed to be embedded in the hearts and minds of each succeeding generation of Americans.  The two major parties have failed miserably in that responsibility. The Constitution Party leadership is finding that this message resonates well with Utahans as it should.  This is especially true of those conservatives who are moving to Utah.  All of the state officers and nearly 70% of the county leadership are filled by transplants to this state. Our challenge is simply to get that message out to the public. Regardless of how difficult this task is, the party is intent on achieving it.  As in other states, those coming into the party in Utah are not only disenfranchised republicans, but many democrats and independents as well.  They are fully aware that the message of our Founding Fathers is a timeless one and one that is fitting to every generation of Americans.

The stage is possibly set for a deadlocked election, where some states will not certify the electoral votes, and on January 20th. if that is the case,

Donald Trump is no longer President, and according to the 20th. Amendment, Congress can put in who ever they want.

Richard Proctor explains how the 16th. Amendment, for direct taxes, was initiated before the Federal Reserve Act, as they are connected.  Our taxes, back the dollars the FED Bank creates.

He says the 16th. Amendment is abhorrent to the Constitution and thus, not true law.

He says the Supreme Court has been a political court rather than Constitutional Court since John Jay.

The way Representatives are distributed in the House is unconstitutional

Most of what The U.S. Government does is with a wink and a nod, and unlawful.

No person in government can take away your God given rights regardless of how many “emergencies” they claim are present

Great information on The United States Constitution that will give you some Ah Ha moments, October 15, 2020

'Richard Proctor – Most of What the U.S. Government Does Is with a Wink, a Nod, and Is Unlawful – October 14, 2020' have 2 comments

  1. October 18, 2020 @ 11:15 pm Ron

    Very informative interview though Richard left me with a few questions. Richard said that we haven’t elected a president properly since 1796. Article 2, section 2 doesn’t specify how the president is elected. So what is the proper method? Also, he said that each state must certify their election results. It may not be Richard’s area of expertise, but are each state’s Secretary of State required to certify their election results by Jan 20th? Should this not be a requirement of the position? Some may see this as an off the wall question, but shouldn’t each state’s SOS honor the wishes of their residents? Isn’t that why we vote? Also, what a bombshell he dropped about the VP candidate who isn’t an American citizen.


    • November 2, 2020 @ 11:04 pm Marcela

      Thank you for your comment. I can make a more informed decision.


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