Susan Bradford

The U.S. Voting System Is Out of Control; Can We Turn Things Around and Return to Fair and Honest Voting?

In an era of media obfuscation, Susan Bradford’s books aim to help restore integrity to America’s institutions and educate the public to support an informed and actively engaged electorate. She was the lead investigator behind the Abramoff investigation who exhumed the complete story behind the prosecution of Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff along with the financial, political, and intelligence networks within Indian Country that trace to London and international bankers and which constitute the Deep State.

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Investigative reporter Susan Bradford returns to One Radio Network to continue exposing the truth behind the 2020 election fraud.

Why are lumber prices skyrocketing? Are lumber companies withholding their lumber in expectation of government contracts?

Are monopolists orchestrating the demand for lumber?

Who was involved in the 2020 election fraud? What part did Italian defense contractor Leonardo’s in-orbit satellites play in the deception?

How was money funneled through the Vatican? How was the Rothschild family involved? What part did the CIA-Rothschild spy networks in Frankfort play? How did they gain control of the Frankfort post office and how did that help their cause?

What part are militarism and warmongering playing during the Biden administration? Why was militarism more restrained during the Trump administration or was it covert?

How is Mike Lindell’s lawsuit involved with voter fraud computer readouts?

What is the real reason we have to worry about General Michael Flynn? Is global war part of the plan? Is Dick Cheney involved? What about Lady de Rothschild?

What is Donald Trump’s involvement with Brian Ballard and Ballard Partners? What connections does Trump have with the Deep State? How swampy is he? Rudy Giuliani is definitely swampy.

Trump took out loans for his casinos from the Rothschilds. How was he entangled with lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the Seminole Indian lobbying scandal?

What part did Trump and the Clinton administration play in the politics of the Northern Mariana Islands?

Why is there so much turmoil on the street? By whom is it manufactured? Why are they trying to destroy the U.S.A.?

What is the end game for the New World Order?

“Did the good guys get the computers from Frankfort? Has anything been destroyed in the computers?”, asks Patrick. “Nothing is ever destroyed in a computer system,” replies Susan Bradford.


A forensic audit of the 2020 election is being done in Maricopa County, Arizona. Are the ballot watermarks still visible? Approximately how many votes did Trump lose?

The Zionists and the Nationalists are jostling for power. Patrick asks Susan Bradford who the Zionists are.

Why is Biden hiring private companies to do things to the people that government is not allowed to do?

A listener asks if the government is getting so bold that they’re not planning to have elections after 2024?

Why do the globalists keep pounding away at China?

A listener asks, “How is Canada involved with Dominion and China, and why is the Canadian government treating its citizens so harshly?

Is Trudeau the biological son of Fidel Castro?

Has Canada been taken over by the Chinese Communist Party?

Susan Bradford and her research on the voter fraud and who the players are, May 4, 2021

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