Patrick Timpone

Synchronicity Is Happening Every Moment; Our Mission Is to Realize This

This is a spontaneous show about synchronicity by Patrick since the World Bank “expert” was a no-show.

How do free will and synchronicity mesh together?

What is consciousness, and how does it affect all that we say and do? Why is it so critical to our control of life?

Why is it important to listen to our subconscious messages?

“Soul’s main purpose in life is peace, love, and hippie beads,” says Patrick.

Patrick stopped doing social media because he didn’t feel connected. He feels more connected doing “shows like this” on One Radio Network. He’s planning to put a chat section on the videos for listeners comments.

Patrick asks Atom to do some research about viruses from the Era of the Plague. Were actual viruses involved or was it something else? How much were people’s fears and expectations involved in what happened to them?

Last night Patrick dreamed about his Dad. The dream was set during Christmas of 1986. In his dream, he and his mother took his Dad to the hospital where he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. On his next visit, Patrick’s Dad sat up in bed, knowing it was his time to go, and gave Patrick three points of advice to tell the “kids.” Patrick elaborates.

Dreams are very important. How do dreams provide guidance for our waking life?

Patrick reads some “fake news” from The New York Times. How long has this newspaper been controlled by “the Boys”?

A listener requests that Matthew Ehret become a regular. Patrick’s most recent interview with him was on March 3, 2021.

A listener asks for ways to resolve erectile dysfunction for her Tantric partner. Patrick recommends various exercises.

Atom contributes some leg exercises that boost sexual function.

What does it mean to be “in the world but not of it”?

A listener wants to know how to buy gold. How can he diversify with only $10,000?

Why is it prudent to buy gold and U.S. treasury notes?

Where is the $1.9 trillion stimulus package going? How much of it is padding politicians’ pockets? How many people in the U.S. will actually get their $1,400?

Why does Patrick recommend sending Biden an invoice for $14,000 (10 times as much)? “As screwed up as the government is, they’ll probably pay it!” Patrick comments.

Why are Bitcoin and precious metals rising in price?

Atom writes in about the “best aphrodisiac.”

A listener praises Adronis from Sirius. Patrick says he’ll have him on again.

According to the Buddha, what are the three most important things in life?

What was the important question a Mexican podcaster asked Fauci?

A listener asks about Edgar Cayce’s predictions.

Atom e-mails, “Even mainstream science has sussed out that stress makes us “stronger, faster, more energetic, and even kinder.”

A listener thanks Patrick and Sharon for “being there” during these horrible times. Patrick says, “These are exciting times.”

Patrick recommends the movies “The Big Short,” “Margin Call,” and “Too Big to Fail.”

Patrick signs off, telling us he and Doodle are going for a walk. He’s wearing weights on his legs “because girls like muscles.”

Patrick Timpone with musings on life, love and fooling around, March 16, 2021, Part One

Patrick Timpone with musings on life, love and fooling around, March 16, 2021, Part Two

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