Dr. Barre Lando

Founder and Formulator of Alpha Vedic

Dr. Lando is noted amongst his peers for his innovative clinical strategies, and has made himself available over the years for both consulting and professional training to other health professionals.

The integration of wave-form mechanics, and largely suppressed aspects of biophysics and microbiology are now his primary focus in creating a genuine ‘science-based’ system of functional medicine, thus avoiding the inherent limitations of present ‘theory-based’ conventions within institutionalized systems.

Although retired from clinical practice, ‘difficult cases’ have always comprised the bulk of Dr. Barre’s international client base, and the custom compounding of nutrients, homeopathics, and herbs became a necessity in meeting their needs.

This experience would become the roots of the present line of advanced macro-nutrient herbal formulas that have been made available to the general public under the trade name of Alfa Vedic. Alfa Vedic and AV Botanical Gardens are the natural culmination, and next evolution of Dr. Barre’s work.

We live in a technological realm of intelligent design.  We’re the capacitors that receive the resonance.  It’s a thought-based universe that creates electrical vectors.  Emotional content gives velocity along 18 dimensions of wave-forms.

The body is a projection of our thoughts and beliefs.  We are the I Am, the projector and cause, rather than the projection.

Scripture, old text, real science say the same thing and prove this out.  It can be validated.

Spirituality must be caught rather than taught.

Would-be controllers want us to feel like we’re victims. 

Following universal design is the most humbling and yet powerful experience.

How is it?  It’s how we think it is.  As individuals capable of thought, we are co-creators.  We are self-conscious about our presence, but not all creation think as we do.

What is wave-form?  A 3-dimensional spiral.

We are actually feeling more than thinking creatures.

Alchemy of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, water, carbon, and other minerals.  They’re not just parts.

We’re the spirit behind the flesh.  

3 attributes of salt, sulfur, mercury and how they tie in with medicine.

Our body is an ecosystem.  If health problems, put the ecosystem back in balance rather than attacking parts of it.

Trailer of “The Magical Land” about Dr. Barre Lando, an Ickonic Original Film.

Grows Jiaogulan (Gynostemma) on-premise, a core ingredient in all his teas.  Superior to gingseng.

Alfa Vedic grows prototypes for regenerative buildings.

Every organ has 2 polarities. They need to be in balance.  Get in touch with neurological and metabolic (projection) poles.

Can we cure an issue with herbs without dealing in the spiritual realm?  There is nothing externally to cure us, and there is nothing we need to be cured of.  Herbs can be helpful if you know how they work.  Don’t look at them to fix you.  You have to change parts of your reality.

Alternative medicine practitioners have become just green allopaths.

Need to take care of emotional state to achieve healing.

German New Medicine is a great advance in Bioterrain Medicine.

How to check your voice for illness?  The 5 elements (earth wood fire water metal) give off tones.  Timber of the voice tells about imbalances on an organ level.   Using tuning forks instead of needles for acupuncture treatment.

Sound is about water movement going through the ethers.

What brand of microscope would he recommend for live blood work? 

What products are available from Alfa Vedic?

Viruses don’t exist.  Watch Terrain, Part 1 and 2, a film by Dr. Andrew Kaufman and others.  Broken down cell debris are carried all over the body, inform life cells, and initiate regeneration.  Mistakenly interpreted as viruses.  Antibody tests worthless in functional medicine.  PCR test is even worse; has nothing to do with anything.

Where would a stationary earth be if not floating in space?  Barre says the real question is: where does consciousness reside?  Everything is a toroidal field, which are electrical fields going in different directions, a compression of data and then radiation. 

Is there firmament?  Military artillery doesn’t account for curvature, nor do pilots.  Physical planets aren’t physical, they’re plasma.  Plasma is living consciousness. Barre explains how elements combine to make kingdoms of nature.

Where did our bodies come from?  Originally we were perfect.  We have reached the bottom of density and are now ascending in a self-realized way.

What are animals?  They embody lower states of emotions.

Male and female – how can you not have polarization? Need it for balance.

Using bodily fluids is what ages us.

I Am The Living Law seminar being held at Alfa Vedic August 19-21. 

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