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There Is No Virus

Tracey Northern is an animal rights activist, mum of two who realized vivisection was never gonna be ended by showing the cruelty so started digging, also researching vaccines because of her children and cancer because of her mum dying so young. Over the years she went deep into anti-vax and cancer research and ended up realizing germ theory was the core of the whole thing. She learned that and now for the last 4 years has been trying to get the word out. Now with Covid it seems like the whole world needs to know.

Tracey Northern is an animal activist who doesn’t believe in germ theory.

“How does one go from an animal rights advocate to there is no virus?”, asks Patrick.

Tracey was inspired by “Slaughter of the Innocent,” a book by Hans Ruesch, exposing the medical lies supporting the practice of animal experimentation. She was captivated by his chapter on vaccines.

“How did you come to the conclusion that there is no virus?”, continues.Patrick.

German biologist Stefan Lanka offered 100,000 euros ($106,300) to anyone who could prove there was a measles virus.

What happened when a German court ordered Stefan Lanka to pay up to a doctor who alleged he had the proof? When was the verdict appealed?

Why is it impossible for a virus to be isolated? Is Judy Mikovits a “patsy” for the vaccine industry?

Measles and mumps are not something you can catch. “There’s all this funding on viruses, but no one is looking at other possibilities,” says Tracey.

Who was Antoine Bechamp, and what is terrain theory? How does terrain theory differ from Louis Pasteur’s germ theory?

What is pleomorphism? Can one germ transform into another and back again according to toxicological changes?

Do germs change because of the environment? Tracey uses the metaphor of “a germ putting on a Hazmat suit.”

When you have symptoms of an alleged viral disease, what is the body really doing?

“Are measles and mumps a rite of passage; something you go through to make you stronger?”, asks Patrick.

Does detoxing take a lot of energy, and should you detox during pregnancy?

People thought scurvy was contagious before the discovery of vitamin C.

Is vitamin C recommended for other so-called “contagious” diseases?

Do frugivores have proper nutrition? Can you thrive on botanical fruit, including tomatoes and cucumbers?

Angela asks, “How do people in the same house get the flu at the same time?”

Is the flu contagious? Or is something else going on? “People in the same house are in the same environment, eat the same diet, and breathe the same air.”

A listener asks about the red spots on her upper arms and legs following vaccination.

Gina asks, “What is your opinion about vaccine shedding?”

Do pheromones have anything to do with vaccine shedding? Do vaccines sterilize the ovaries?

Frank asks, “What did all those gay people die of if there is no HIV virus?”

Did people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS actually die of the hepatitis B vaccine or the AZT toxic medication?

David asks, “What is the connection between Fauci’s research on HIV, and is it similar to Covid?”

Patrick asks, “Why do people feel better after taking ivermectin?”

Why are aborted fetuses used in mRNA vaccines?

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There is no virus, never was one or never will be, June 2, 2021

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  1. June 10, 2021 @ 8:19 pm Louis Laframboise

    At around timestamp 39:59, what is the name of the gentleman Tracey references whose focus is another view of digestive system. Robert is his first name.



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