AquaCure Model AC50

Check out all the studies on molecular hydrogen

The AquaCure® (Model AC50) is our MOST ADVANCED and user-friendly HydrOxy for Health machine.  It is developed from 30 years of electrolyzer R&D and feedback from thousands of customers.  We’ve set the gold standards for others to follow.

We listened:  The AquaCure Model AC50 has additional features our customers were asking for…

Like easy and accurate user-adjustable gas volume and an hour meter.
We added a Tower Cap which makes the AquaCure simpler to use and even more reliable.

The AquaCure is a practical, reliable and SAFE HydrOxy electrolyzer (generator) that should give you decades of trouble free service.

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There has recently been a lot of interest in the health benefits of molecular hydrogen (H2), and rightly so. However, this may just be the tip of the iceberg. Brown’s Gas (BG) may actually be far superior.

HydrOxy Benefits


Japan scientists did an extensive study on two groups of families. Those whose family members died young and those who’s members lived to very old age.

The conclusion was that the higher the hydrogen content in the blood the longer people could expect to live. Subsequent studies using animals indicate that the life extension could be 30% longer.


Once supplemental hydrogen was ‘discovered’ as a nutrient, there was a huge surge of empirical and anecdotal evidence accumulated that convinced medical scientists to study it.

There have now been hundreds of scientific studies, proving that hydrogen effectively helps bodies heal from nearly all ailments… With NO negative side effects!

-Eliminates scars, warts, psoriasis

-Supports and boosts the immune system

-Helps body regulate blood pressure

-Relieves headaches, neuropathies and pain

-Mitigates many cancers and diabetes



Because human bodies are comprised of about 62% hydrogen. Hydrogen is our most important nutrient. We normally get our hydrogen from gut bacteria that break apart our food (hydro-carbons)… But the gut bacteria that specifically release hydrogen have been decimated by chemicals, antibiotics and franken-foods; thus most of us are ‘starved’ for hydrogen.

In a desperate attempt to survive this ‘starvation’, our bodies shut off our regeneration and most of our immune systems, resulting in illness and poor quality of life.

People who are supplementing with hydrogen are reporting healing from multiple ailments and return to lively vigor. It seems that most aging and aliments today are caused by or exacerbated by lack of hydrogen.

Learn more about this amazing machine by listening to this excellent commercial free interview with George Wiseman

Testimonials from a few of our listeners who purchased an AquaCure machine:

Hello Patrick! We ordered the AquaCure after your interview with George thru your link and we just got it today! It got here a day early!!! Anyway, we set it up and I started with 5 minutes breathing the gas and I drank about 16 oz of the gassed water. About 15 minutes after doing both, my hands and knees began to tremble in a GOOD way! I felt like I had so mucho energy!! It was a high but not a “high” if you know what I mean. A vitality type of high! Anyway, I am documenting everything with photos and my journey to see the changes as they occur to me, my hubby and my daughter. So far, soooooooo good!! Thank you for having George on. I have been researching hydrogen water for quite a while along with machines that make the water and just never was able to pull the trigger. I’m so glad I pulled the trigger this time. George said all the right things to your wonderful questions! My documented journey begins!! Thanks again for all you do for all of us!!!          Lynnie W.     Denver, Colorado

Hi Patrick, I bought the George Wiseman Brown Gas Aqua Cure  Machine…Love it!! Have you noticed “less” appetite and better sleep? I sure have…Keep up the “cool” guests. – Edward in Kissimee, Florida

Buy now

Use coupon code: oneradio

for a 20% discount

Should you have any questions upon the arrival of your machine please feel free to email Patrick :

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