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Atom Bergstrom, born Gosta Ingvar Bergstrom, Jr, is credited as the founder of Sun Sync and the leading expert on a Sun-Centric lifestyle. Atom’s journey towards health, nutrition, longevity, and meditation goes back to 1955, when he first started reading books by D.C. Jarvis, J.I. Rodale, Carlton Fredericks, Adelle Davis, Aldous Huxley, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Prabhavananda, and numerous others. His exposure to the above mentioned authors instigated a deep desire and passion to understand and unlock the secrets to optimal human wellness and longevity. Atom was inspired by the words of Thomas Jefferson: “School teaches all of the branches, but none of the roots.” He sought the answers to his questions, not in classrooms, but in books, relationships, and life experiences. His quest for true knowledge and wisdom began by studying in hundreds of libraries across the country and evolved by studying with teachers and masters including Swami Adano Ley, Sufi Adnan Sarhan, Rabbi Michael Shapiro, Taoist Master Yun Xiang Tseng, and Fitness Icon Gypsy Boots. His most significant teacher was Swami Adano Ley with whom he spent 14 years. During this time, he studied a variety of sciences extensively, including the sun centric lifestyle, and ultimately graduated from Adano Ley’s Texas Institute of Reflex Sciences. The knowledge and wisdom he gained studying under a highly evolved swami combined with his emphasis on scientific research & personal experience would soon become the heartbeat of Sun Sync Nutrition. For the past 40 years, Atom has dedicated his life to the continuous learning and teaching of Sun Sync Nutrition, Time Conscious Eating, Cosmo-Chemistry, Reflexology, Muscle Response Testing, Body Language Analysis, Iris Analysis, Lucid Dreaming, Meditation and many other sciences.

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Having chi overrides attacks on the body.

What is the deer exercise?  Is ejaculation good or bad?

Carbon dioxide as initiator of the breath and other benefits.

Are they trying to destroy everything that is human?

Why are the politics of California nuts?  Historical injustices against Indians.

Silver wheel – a chart of meridian points and timing of the organs.

Best time to take thyroid?  For Armour, take at bladder time 3-5 pm.

Getting set up for a carbon dioxide bath.


Oxygen destroys brain cells.  Beware supplemental oxygen or hyperbaric Tx. 

Is Watch the Water fear porn?  They don’t want us to get on with our lives.

Why is donkey milk good?  Old British military records noted its high carbon dioxide content.

Taking energy from the ether.  Zero point energy.  Tesla knew.

Constantine asks about his anaphylactic allergy to milk protein.  It’s a form of shock.  Lipids cause it, not proteins.  Consult with Dr. Melissa Sell.  Or “Ask the Body” with Atom’s Cornerstone Technique as explained in his Mind Hacking for the Millions e-book at   Use the technique to test if an issue is still in the consciousness.  It’s so simple that people don’t do it. 

Expanding the money supply and supply chain shortages have led to our burgeoning inflation.

What to do for a mini-stroke?  Yawn over 7 minutes long, take one breath a minute, and stretch.  Ray Peat says a teaspoon of baking soda cures stroke.

What is a stroke?  2 types: a blockage (most common), and a leak.  Acidity causes blot to clot.  Dr. Revici has the answers.  The life force is in the acid.  Want to alkalize for a stroke.

pH of urine is meaningless.  What does a white tongue mean?  Generally means overacidic.  If overalkaline, tongue is bright red and cracked.

Changing beet taste by dextrinizing.  Nonorganic beets accumulate nitric oxide, even to excess.  Super Beets are a scam.

What botanical fruits are good for us?  Peeled cucumbers, especially if degassed.  Persian cukes have less gas in them.  Peppers, okra, tomatoes, squashes.

Carol asks about a heart patient given Lasix who doesn’t drink water.  One cause of edema is low thyroid, another is yellow fat disease.

What are low omega 3 nuts?  Cashews, macadamias, almonds.  High omega 3s are directly related to yellow fat disease.

Orange roughy lives for 200 years and they have no omega 3s.  Salmons live 9 years.  Eat the dry fish.

If fluids can’t be held, your body is breaking down into entropy.  Oxygen causes overheating and breaking down.  Acidity is lack of edema and everything is in sync.

Is baking soda alkalizing?  Not a simple yes or no.  Is it beneficial for cancer?

Get over who’s the matter with you.  Don’t live a life of quiet desperation.  Enjoy yourself.  We do deserve to be happy.

Affirmations for success can be a mixed bag.  Worrying corrupts the divine mechanism.

Radiation converts fats in the body into Omega 3s.  If exposed to radiation, do the opposite.  Cholesterol is good.

Dr. Revici’s book is at That Crazy Pharmacist or at  Physical copy for sale at Amazon.

Wikipedia is accurate in their facts but don’t believe their interpretation.

Monsanto has taken out the Omega 3 fatty acids from soybeans.  They recognize the danger of linolenic acid.

What can a wife do surreptitiously for her husband to help his lack of focus and tiredness?

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