50 Shades Of Mommy Dearest

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Lottie (not her real name) was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease.

I Body Dowsed her, and her right leg “jumped” every time she mentioned her mother.

(Sometimes a “twitch” becomes visual. A leg will actually “jump” off the floor. You can slide a credit card under the foot if you’re quick enough.)

Translating Lottie’s Body Language, it didn’t take me long to figure out Lottie was inordinately attached to her mother.

Was she or wasn’t she? You be the judge.

Lottie lived with her mother.

She worked with her mother.

Her mother called her every hour to see how she was doing.

Lottie broke up with her fiance because he wanted to move thirty miles away from where her mother lived.

I got in trouble over this particular session of Body Dowsing.

Lottie’s mother phoned my friend Norma, who had set up the session, and unloaded all over her.

“Is that guy crazy? Lottie tells me he said, I’m the reason she’s sick!”

I told Norma, “I never said, her mother was the cause. I told her, she was unduly attached to her mother, not the other way around.”

I added, “Actually, telling her mother that was Lottie’s method of being passive-aggressive, both against me and her mother.”

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'50 Shades Of Mommy Dearest' have 5 comments

  1. August 16, 2015 @ 12:52 am Atom

    Wim Hof uses a combination of IMAGINATION (he seems to have read Emile Coue), VISUALIZATION (flame in the lower stomach), FOCUS (he cites the Bhagavad Gita), CONDITIONING (overcoming his gasping reflex and learning to vasodilate the veins in his fingers), FLEXIBILITY (he was proficient in Yoga years before he began practicing Tummo), and TUMMO (forced breathing of thirty breaths combined with exhalation breath-holding and inhalation breath-holding while exposed to cold weather or water.

    He advises eating only one meal a day, and, at 56 revolutions around the Sun, he seems to be getting away with it. LOL

    The Iceman has a male trauma, due to the “irreparable damage” (doctor voodoo) done to his LEFT foot (which he claims to have remedied with cow balm).


  2. August 16, 2015 @ 12:53 am Atom

    I’ve been warning people about CITRATE since the 1980s.

    “When tissues calcified in the process of aging, calcium was blamed (ignoring the existence of calcium phosphate crystals in the tissues), and low calcium diets were recommended. Recently, when calcium supplements haven’t produced the intended effects, calcium was blamed, disregarding the other materials present in the supplements, such as citrate, phosphate, orotate, aspartate, and lactate.” — Ray Peat


  3. August 16, 2015 @ 12:55 am Atom

    General Electric scientists knew years before Dr. Emanuel Revici that a tumor cell contains a ratio of three parts potassium to two parts calcium while a normal cell is the reverse — three parts of calcium to two parts potassium.


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