Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“Time support systems maneuver time to balloon you out of situations.”

Time support systems include Solar Nutrition, respiratory synchronization, and EquiFlow (the mobile state of the Delta brain wave).

“Situations” refer to being behind the karmic eight ball. :(

“Equitime Transport” relates to timing, flow, health, and homeostasis – the dynamic balance between electrostatic aerobic and quantum anaerobic forces.

Adano said …

“Health is locked up in a rhythmic movement in mass. Solar Nutrition is a form of nurturing the mechanism in time all the time.”

PRESSURE is the common denominator of all “dis-ease.”

An excess carbon dioxide heart attack occurs at Heart Time (11:00 am-1:00 pm).

It’s essentially death by SELTZER.

Stimulate the reflex to the pulmonary vein by pressing the center of the chest.

An excess oxygen heart attack occurs at Gall Bladder Time (11:00 pm-1:00 am).

Stimulate the reflex to the pulmonary artery by pressing the left side of the chest.

Now you know why there’s more deaths from midnight heart attacks than from the classic midday “businessman’s heart attack.”

Blood sugar is regulated by PRESSURE.

Adano said …

“Diabetes is an excess positive charge from the pancreas, caused by an overstimulated spleen.

“The therapist should sedate this condition.

“Hypoglycemia is an excess negative charge from the pancreas, and it is caused by an understimulated spleen.

“Stimulate this condition.

“The ‘shakes’ and the ‘D.T.’s’ are caused by an excess positive charge from the pancreas, caused by a wrongly polarized pancreas.

“Shuddering can be an early warning signal for hypoglycemia or diabetes.

“The positive to negative oscillation causes spasmodic action in the muscles analogous to the intermetallic condensation that causes your car to go ‘chug, chug, chug’ in the morning.”

All of the above – and LOTS more – will be part of the curriculum at Atom’s School of Self-Healing.

Go to for information, and my books are available there too. :)




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  1. February 14, 2012 @ 3:05 pm atomb

    Is it mere coincidence that …

    (1) BARIATRICS is the branch of medicine focusing on obesity and

    (2) BAROMETRY is the branch of meteorology focusing on atmospheric pressure?

    Three secrets of weight gain and loss are revealed in the following three distinctions between the comparative physics of champagne bubbles versus beer bubbles.

    Peter Weiss (“The Physics of Fizz: Toasting a burst of discovery about bubbles in champagne and beer,” Science News, May 6, 2000) wrote …

    “Scientists suspect that three properties of the beverages [champagne vs. beer] most strongly affect the qualities of their bubbles: the amount of dissolved gas, the percentage of alcohol, and the concentration of large molecules. Champagne boasts three times the dissolved carbon dioxide and more than twice the alcohol content of beer. In terms of large molecules, however, beer rules. One study indicates, for instance, that beer has 30 times champagne’s concentration of protein.”

    Swami Nitty-Gritty emphasized …

    “There’s no such thing as weight loss or weight gain. It’s all constriction or dilation.”


  2. February 14, 2012 @ 3:26 pm atomb

    Re: What do you mean by Equi-Flow?

    “Equi-Flow” is the breathless state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, a mobile Delta-brain-wave state of “equitime transport flow,” a “neutral balance status between positive and negative.”

    Yawning opens the door to Equi-Flow and positioning the tongue to the roof of the mouth locks the door behind you.

    (Quotations are from Swami Nitty-Gritty)


  3. February 14, 2012 @ 3:42 pm Andrius

    Hi Atom, on the show you mentioned mini liver flush: with garli, lemon and a spoon of olive oil. How often and for how long can you do such liver clense.
    Many thanks.


    • February 14, 2012 @ 7:36 pm atomb

      Be careful with all flushes or purges.

      I’m not giving therapeutic advice here, so it’s a pragmatic idea to have a local holistic practitioner close by or accessible by phone, Andrius. :)

      The Liver Flush you asked about combines …

      (1) one tablespoon of olive oil,

      (2) a clove (not a bulb) of garlic,

      (3) the fresh juice of half a lemon, and

      (4) a sprig of parsley.

      This is taken before bed for a total of seven days or SOONER if any complications occur, mostly, diarrhea.

      PS: Walk wide circles around acetaminophen because it’s especially toxic to the liver.

      It’s found in such over-the-counter painkillers as Tylenol, Anacin-3, Panadol, and Datril, and in prescription drugs like Vicodin and Percocet


  4. February 15, 2012 @ 2:59 am atomb

    Re: “Scientist suggests life began in freshwater pond, not the ocean”

    Hey, that’s one of my favorite research pursuits because it’s evidence for Adano’s “silicon-based beings.”

    I’ve collected considerable evidence of their existence, and way more for the existence of “sulfur-based beings” and “methane-based beings.”

    I asked Adano, “Carbon-based beings, silicon-based beings, and sulfur-based beings have single atomic elements associated with them. What about methane-based beings? Do they have an atomic element associated with them?

    He shot back without hesitating, “Magnesium.”

    Remember, Adano was talking about these “U-fers” since the 1970s, well before it was commonly known that half the biological mass of the Earth is below the surface, and much of it (35 percent or more?) is sulfur-iron-based and methane-magnesium-based Archaea.

    Archaea has an independent evolutionary history and can withstand extreme heat and/or acidity.

    Some of them (Sulfolobus) thrive at a pH of ZERO.

    I’m writing a book called U-FERS? … but it’s on hold ’cause I’ve been busier than a centipede at a toe-counting contest. :(


  5. February 16, 2012 @ 2:07 am atomb

    Re: I get nothing from the messages of the space intelligence bunch.

    Adano’s info interests me because of its relationship to the “seeding” of earth with methanogens and sulfate-reducing extremophiles.

    PANSPERMIA remains the minority scientific opinion – since Anaxagoras in the 5th Century BC – but it’s gaining credibility.


    • February 16, 2012 @ 2:37 am atomb

      The Osage Nation has a cosmology remarkably similar to Adano’s.

      The “Sky Lodge” sent the “People of the Waters,” followed by the “People of the Land,” and finally the “People of the Sky,” to “Mother Earth” to protect the Earth and rehabilitate and interbreed with the “Isolated Earth People.”

      Adano contended this interbreeding occurred and left us with …

      Carbon (ovum) in the First Chakra,

      Silicon (sperm) in the Second Chakra,

      Sulfur (conception) in the Third Chakra, and

      Methane in the Fourth Chakra.

      Maybe methane associates with the completed fusion of gametes?

      The above pertains to the first set of Yogic spinal CENTERS (chakras) only, not to the second set of Surat Shabd Yoga PERIPHERALS (realms) in the skin and on the skull.

      Sri Yukteswar made the same distinction between these “Yin and Yang” centers in The Holy Science, 1894, 1949.


  6. February 16, 2012 @ 3:02 am atomb

    I Corinthians 6.3 asks, “Know ye not that we shall judge angels?”

    Centuries later, David Icke, William Bramley, Zecharia Sitchin, etc., would write about Earth’s extraterrestrial owners “eating” our negative thoughts and actions.

    Even the “Hugging Saint” has commented on this idea!

    Ammachi (Awaken, Children!: Dialogues With Sri Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, Vol. III (adapted & translated by Swami Amritasvarupananda, 1991) wrote …

    “Although devatas are superior to human beings, they depend on humans for their food. That is why in the puranas and epics we find stories of devas who obstruct those who are doing penance. Once a human being reaches the state of non-action, these devas will not get their share, which is mainly gained through various rituals and oblations. When a human being evolves to the state of sannyasa, he renounces all actions, even rituals and oblations. Thus the devas lose what they had been getting from that particular individual. Action is meant only for mortal humans, not for one who rises to the state of immortality. That means actions cannot bind such a person. He too works but he renounces the fruit of it, which also means renouncing the action itself. Detachment from an action that you do means you are not doing it, that is, your mind is not identified with the action.Therefore, there is nobody to give and take, so this results in the devas losing their share. They do not want that to happen; that is why they create obstacles for a person who does penance to realize the Self.”

    Devas are silicon-based beings and Asuras are sulfur-based beings, according to Adano.


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