Do Fish Get Yellow Fat Disease?


By Atom Bergstrom

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E.M. Wood & W.T. Yasutake (“Ceroid in Fish,” American Journal of Pathology, Jun. 1956) wrote …

“Ceroid originally was considered a characteristic and specific microscopic finding in experimental hepatic cirrhosis of dietary origin. Later, however, it was established that dietary cirrhosis could be produced without ceroid and that cod-liver oil enhanced the formation of the pigment. Endicott reported that prolonged in vitro oxidation of cod liver oil enhanced the formation of the pigment. Endicott reported that prolonged in vitro oxidation of cod-liver oil or linseed oil by potassium bichromate produced acid-fast material similar to ceroid. He noted that these oils, when injected into rats, gradually acquired acid-fastness. Victor and Pappenheimer confirmed that dietary cirrhosis unaccompanied by pigmentary deposits could be produced. They noted that ceroid was not dependent either upon fatty changes in liver cells or upon cirrhosis and that vitamin E retarded the appearance of the pigment. They described ceroid for the first time in humans, in 4 cases ‘of profound nutritional disorder.’ They also found acid-fast pigments in many routine human necropsy cases. Similar pigments were found in 55 per cent of 38 cases of Laennec’s cirrhosis.”

According to the same source …

“The mass of data relating ceroid formation to unsaturated fatty acids, particularly those of fish products such as cod-liver oil, led naturally to the question of the occurrence of ceroid in fish.”

The answer is YES.

Fish are prone to Yellow Fat Disease too!

For example, at the Fish and Wildlife Service in Kearneysville, West Virginia …

Fresh beef spleen was removed from the diet (fresh beef spleen, fresh beef liver, dry feeds, wheat middlings, yeast, sodium chloride) of fingerling rainbow trout, and replaced by “11.1 parts of fish meal.’

The result was subnormal growth, high mortality, and pigment “scattered throughout the spleen.”

According to Jack Kruse (“Biohacking ‘Time’ with Methylene Blue,” Apr. 8, 2016) …

“DHA has never been replaced one time in 600 million years of eukaryotic evolution. ASK YOURSELF WHY WE HAVE THIS CHEMICAL PERMANENCE during massive evolutionary change over the same timescales. When Peskin, Peat, and Rowen can answer that … come talk to me.”

Scientists claim that land plants “avoid DHA/EPA altogether, replacing these highly unsaturated chains in their light-harvesting membranes with polyunsaturated chains featuring a maximum of two to three double bonds.”

Also, eukarotes didn’t evolve in the ocean — they evolved on land, so highly-unsaturated fatty acids are likely an example of PARALLEL EVOLUTION.

Besides DHA being around for “600 million years of eukaryotic evolution,” Yellow Fat Disease has probably also been around to keep DHA company.

Leprosy has been around for millions of years too, which doesn’t automatically make it our highest choice.

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  1. May 7, 2016 @ 2:46 am Atom

    Get the straight scoop on Yellow Fat Disease at Atom’s e-books …–e-books.php

    Volume 2 of Yellow Fat Disease is completed and ready for proofreading.

    It’s scheduled to go on sale June 6, 2016, immediately following Monday’s show.

    Some algal DHA actually contains a biotech equivalent of Soylent Green.

    Beware DHA from algae — 99 percent of it is GMO Franken-algae.


  2. May 7, 2016 @ 9:28 pm Matt

    Is there a trauma relating to constant magical and psychedelic thinking?!


    • May 9, 2016 @ 10:10 am Atom

      The term for someone with that Cognitive Shock (engram) is “Kundalini casualty.”

      Sometimes “blacklight” is the engrammic color association.

      The remedy is “grounding.”

      Casey Kasem’s advice is appropriate …

      “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

      But such a trauma confers benefits.

      It’s better to fulfill it than repress or suppress it.


  3. May 12, 2016 @ 6:42 am Matt

    “He only difference between me and you is that I forget who you are when you walk out the door!” (SNG). Just got this!


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