Lithium is the lightest mineral in the Periodic Table of the Elements.

It’s the “yeast in the dough” of the most advanced batteries on the planet (and the Diamond Body).

Welcome to the wonderful world of lithium polymer chemistry.

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“Lithium realigns cancer, bone disease, and can cure any disease in the world. Too much lithium can give you every disease in the world.”

“Epilepsy is a lithium delivery problem. Lithium moving too fast causes epilepsy. St. Vitus dance happens when lithium is a delivery problem. The tongue rolls back in St. Vitus dance.”

“Gamma rays and lithium knock out your lungs. Gamma rays have the most penetration, but they’re too short. Space people have mastered gamma ray projection.”

“Lithium is gammarized when you’re hit on the head and go into an instant coma.”

“Gamma rays and lithium knock out your lungs. Gamma rays have the most penetration, but they’re too short.”

“Lithium is needed for the brain and is an antitoxin additive. It’s obtained by deep breathing at 3:00 a.m.”

“Gamma rays in the pineal gland resonate the lithium. Lithium resonates gamma rays at Bladder Time [3:00 p.m.].”

“Brain size has nothing to do with the integration of the mechanism. It’s the lithium quanta. Lithium is not being released on time, the problem with lithium in a human being. Atomic release is enlightenment.”

“Lithium is in the hypothalamus and medulla. Hold the tongue back to activate it.”

“Pull the tongue back to generate lithium. Lithium is only in the lungs as a trace element. It’s also in the trophoblast cells of the hypothalamus.”

“Lithium is logic.”

“Strontium is the camera. Lithium is the light from the projector. Rubidium is the projection screen.”

“Rubidium is released from sonic impact on the lungs at 3:00 a.m. due to deep breathing. Strontium is also released. Strontium is essential to the pineal gland and the delta wave”

“The film and light are lithium. The camera is strontium. The screen is rubidium. Iodine is the only element that can control strontium-90.”

“A rubidium spray would be an asset to the lungs. Combine lithium and rubidium to clean the lungs.”

“Lithium is fixed, a built-in accelerator to the mechanism. You don’t change your accelerator. Governors are traumas.”

“Lithium is the basis of holy water. It is found in deep springs. It keeps the lungs from breaking down due to carbon dioxide retention.”

“Lithium water is in the Jordan, Lourdes, Amazon, Ganges, and El Paso water sources. No bacteria can live in lithium water; they become sterile.”

“Lithium is in strawberry corn. The Indians brought it from Atlantis.”

“Ginseng is a source of lithium. Ginseng boiled above 180 degrees is good for the brain.”

“Lithium removes aluminum. Aluminum oxide causes the problem, not aluminum, just as iron oxide is the problem, not iron.”

“Use lithinide in macadamia nuts to work on lithium.”

“Rue contains lithium. Use it to phase down aluminum.”

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