Here’s some things Swami Nitty-Gritty (Adano Ley) said about SOUL …

“Aging comes from thinking that you have a soul.

“Thinking sets the degenerative action.

“You don’t HAVE a soul. You ARE soul.

“If this immortal soul is taken care of by a mortal body, I think you got a lousy deal.”

& …

“Enlightenment is the actual moment when the sperm bonds with the ovum.

“It’s SOIL MATING – there’s no soul mating.

“In the actual experience, you’re 144 elements.”

& …

“15 minutes in the silence of the soul is replaying the ovum chewing the head off the sperm.”

& …

“A baby is not soul.

“A baby is chemistry.

“A shirt is just a name – it’s really a cloth.

“A chair is just a name – it’s really made of wood.”

& …

“It’s easy to get 15 minutes of silence in the mind.

“What is all the knowledge in all the books in the world compared to 15 minutes in the silence of the soul?”

& …

“The soul plays the 4 roles as scholars, soldiers, merchants, and porters and garbage collectors.

“Soul is an actor, and finds competency in one of the 4 roles.”

& …

“God’s name is SOUL.

“The only Master is the master of the cell, the master of living soil, the 144 elements.

“There is no death, only to those who don’t want to breathe on time.”

& …

“God is the Grand Eluder.

“God plays hide and seek.

“Don’t pursue the truth.

“The truth is YOU.

“You don’t HAVE a soul. You ARE soul.”

& …

“Man is soul locked up in spirit.

“Man is soil locked up in pressure.”

& …

“To materialize or dematerialize at will is to shift the light wave – innovate darkness as light.

“As the panorama formed the perimeter, you had to interphase.

“Your purpose is to release the quality of the form.

“You got to experience it versus talking about it or reading about it.

“What is all the knowledge in all the books compared to 15 minutes in the silence of the soul?

“The SOIL, not soul, is the 144 minerals.

“To be a Swami is to be a master of self, a master of CELL.

“Cellular mastery is enlightenment.

“Physical immortality is a reality, not a talkality.”

& …

“The ego is the negation of your existence to live in a nebulous void.

“What did they do for centuries? They fed you spiritual pablum.

“Soul is the monitoring principle within yourself, learning to relate to WHAT you are.”

& …

“With the mind, you search for God.

“With the soul, you’re not searching for anything, but you need your mind to realize you’re nothing – NO THING.

“Those who can do it are doing it.

“Those who can’t are teaching it.”

& …

“We are interested in the supremacy of mind over soul instead of soul over mind.

Our books are titled Mind Power, Mind Dynamics, Divine Consciousness, etc.

& …

“Soul is the Spiraling Order of United Life.”

& …

“Soul is that marvelous appreciation of the form you are assigned to.

“Your highest self is self-acceptance.”

& …

“Why would the Devil want to use my soul as charcoal for his oven?

“You don’t HAVE a soul. You ARE soul.

“When I died [3 times on an operating table on June 22, 1955], I was greeted by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, only to find out I would have to clean up all those oyster shells.

“Then I went to Hell, only to discover that I would have to stack all that firewood to keep the fires burning.

“Then Omar Khayyam stuck out his tongue at me and said, ‘I, myself, am Heaven and Hell.'”

& …

“The spine is a synthesizer.

“It is a tuning fork.

“If music be the food of the gods, play on.

“My cellular structure is my own Heaven and Hell.

“Omar Khayyam’s mistake was that he made soul a separate entity for his I-ness.”


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