A pH Tongue Test Conundrum?

By Atom Bergstrom

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Re: I have a white-coated tongue and canker sores/ulcers on the left side of my tongue. So I have an acid and alkaline condition happening if I’m understanding this correctly? I have a goiter on the left side too.

The bottom line “cause of the cause of the cause” is a male Cognitive Trauma likely involving suppression of expression.


From an entirely physiological perspective, you can have an over-acidic stomach and an over-alkaline duodenum simultaneously.

Hierarchically-organized biological levels often oscillate between acidity and alkalinity.

More often than not, for example, if the extracellular matrix is over-acidic, the cellular level will be over-alkaline, the organelle level will be over-acidic, and so forth down to the molecular and atomic levels.

The visual tongue test isn’t 100% accurate, especially regarding local lesions.

Error-free validation of acid-alkaline balance needs seven tests —>

1) blood cell potassium
2) blood serum potassium
3) total blood potassium
4) nasal pH
5) urine pH
6) urine specific gravity
7) urine surface tension

Considered overall (in other words, holistically), these seven levels show whether or not the aforementioned hierarchically-organized biological levels are harmonized (hormone-ized).


Anyone not having access to those tests (many people don’t) can only wing it.

The white-coated tongue probably indicates overall body acidity with a local counter-reaction to it.

Ulcers are usually alkaline, so treating them locally would not affect the tongue coating whatsoever.

One hands-on DIY way to treat any oral lesion is by holding a chunk of medicinal aloe vera leaf in the mouth for an extended period of time at least once a day.

Aloe vera contains aloin (C21H22O9). Adding nitrogen along the way, much of it is reconfigured as uric ACID (C5H4N4O3).


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