Re: Fluoride creates a barrier of calcium around the pineal, so it shows up as a rock in the brains of kids who are ADD, etc.

ADHD is NOT a disease.

Is your spouse suffering from SDHD (Sex Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) if they want to jump out of bed and go swimming and not have sex with you every morning?

Maybe it’s your bad breath.

MAYBE THE NEW WORLD ORDER’S SCHOOL SYSTEM SUCKS, and our kids are prisoners of the Military-Industrial-Educational Complex.

Outside school, it’s called “using your right brain creativity” and “opening your heart chakra.”

Inside school, it’s called “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.”

Society wants their children in rows, like corn, not in “chaos,” like a forest.

(Well, nowadays, they’re planting forests in rows too.)

Jaak Pantsepp (interviewed in Discover magazine) said …

“I have gone to ADHD meetings to consider the childhood problem. But the doctors do no want to hear the possibility that these kids are hyper-playful because they’re starved for real play – because they are giving them anti-play medicine. Teachers are promoting the pipeline of prescription controls as well as any other group, because their lives are hard. They are supposed to be teaching kids at the cortical level of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but if they’ve got kids who are still hungry for play, it’s gonna be classroom chaos. And you can sympathize with them, because they should be getting the kids that are sufficiently well regulated to sit and use their upper brains. But the kids’ lower brains are still demanding attention.

As for the pineal gland, the real reason it’s phasing out and becoming dysfunctional is because of OUR UNCOUPLING FROM MOTHER EARTH’S 24-HOUR CYCLE.

Lunar Lifestyles and PARTYING are overtaking Solar Lifestyles and PLAYING.

A cyberspace guru advised, “It’s never too early to drop out of school.”

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  1. August 3, 2012 @ 12:01 pm Dick Zaad

    I respect that CHILDREN that supposedly have ADHD are likely starving to be allowed to be children.. but i’ve met grownups diagnosed with ADHD and they appear to have serious problems: they can’t stay focused and their energy appears scattered.
    Granted, that’s a problem most people suffer from but in the 2 cases i’m thinking of, i’m talking about very intelligent people one would normally expect to be capable of more. One of them says ADHD is a gift and denies it’s a disease but all i see is how limited her mental capacities appear to me. You can be creative without being all over the place…
    Adults with ‘ADHD’, not a disease either?


    • August 3, 2012 @ 2:39 pm atomb

      Re: Adults with ‘ADHD’, not a disease either?

      Yes, No, Maybe.

      YES … if ADHD is a disease, then more play, not anti-play medicine is a higher choice.

      NO … ADHD is a straitjacketing wastebasket term for a multitude of individual traumas.

      It’s WHO is the matter with a person, not WHAT.

      WHEN is the bridge between WHO and WHAT.

      MAYBE … when we say a person “would normally be capable of more,” we’re evaluating a condition by societal values.

      I wouldn’t be able to write my blog without all the geeks in the Silicon World “suffering” from Asperger’s syndrome.

      And maybe it’s a blessing to cattle that medical science wasn’t able to “cure” Professor Temple Grandin’s full-blown autism.

      And what if Steven Hawking’s amyotrophic lateral sclerosis was the price he paid for his cosmic insights? (as Swami Nitty-Gritty said it was)

      If a “sick” person “wastes his time” and sits and stares at a wall all day, he ends up at the funny farm.

      If a Buddha does the same thing, he starts a worldwide religion.


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