Circadian Rhythms Don’t Need Genes



By Atom Bergstrom

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If anyone tells you biological rhythms are based on genes, tell ’em, “Liar, liar, jeans on fire!”

The genetic basis of circadian rhythms is a colossal fraud.

It’s basically a neo-Nazi conspiracy consummated during a 1960 symposium at Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory on Long Island.


This convocation of “scientists” deposed Frank A. Brown Jr. as the Father of Chronobiology in favor of the Holy Trinity …

Jürgen Aschoff (1913-1998), Franz Halberg (1919-2013, and Colin Pittendrigh (1918-1996).

Wikipedia doesn’t even have a bio page for Professor Brown, and he’s not even on their Circadian Rhythms page,

He’s politically incorrect.


Cold Springs Harbor Lab is the former Eugenics Record Office (1910-1939), financed mostly by the Rockefeller family, Carnegie Institute, and Mary Williamson Averell Harriman.



John S. O’Neill & Akhilesh B. Reddy (“Circadian clocks in human red blood cells,” Nature, Jan. 27, 2011) wrote …

“Our results show that transcription is not required for circadian oscillations in humans, and that non-transcriptional events seem to be sufficient to sustain cellular circadian rhythms. Using red blood cells, we found that peroxiredoxins, highly conserved antioxidant proteins, undergo ~24-hour redox cycles, which persist for many days under constant conditions (that is, in the absence of external cues). Moreover, these rhythms are entrainable (that is, tunable by environmental stimuli) and temperature-compensated, both key features of circadian rhythms.”

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  1. December 1, 2016 @ 6:33 pm Atom

    Amory B. Lovins & L. Hunter Lovins (“A Tale of Two Botanies,” Wired, Apr. 2000) wrote …

    “Such patchwork, done by people who’ve seldom studied evolutionary biology and ecology, uses so-called ‘genetic engineering’ — a double misnomer. It moves genes but it is not about genetics. ‘Engineering’ implies understanding of the causal mechanisms that link actions to effects, but nobody understands the mechanisms by which genes, interacting with each other and the environment, express traits. Transgenic manipulation inserts foreign genes into random locations in a plant’s DNA to see what happens. That’s not engineering; it’s the industrialization of life by people with a narrow understanding of it.”–e-books.php


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