Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“X-ray vision is seeing through, not at. The imprinted process of extrasensory powers is already in us. The Superman is locked up in all of us waiting to be unzipped. We unzip our Supermanhood.”

(Atom’s Note – According to Keith Vargo, “Now You See it It, Now You Don’t,” Black Belt, Apr. 2000, “The real surprise, however, is not that ninjitsu experts can fool our senses. Any adept magician can do that. The real surprise is that all perceptions, even the most common ones, have an illusory quality. For example, consider the room you are sitting in right now. Without lifting your eyes from this page to look at it, you probably have a good idea of the size and shape of the room. You can sense where its contours and corners are. In fact, you probably have a good idea of the features that are behind you. It’s not because you can see out of the back of your head, and it’s not because you’re psychic. It’s because you are creating a personal, relatively accurate, 3-D experience from the light and sounds you perceive. It’s as though you were walking around in a personal hologram that’s as accurate as you allow it to be.”)

“Concave vision is the ability to see at. Convex vision is the ability to see through.”

(Atom’s Note – If Narcissus had looked through the water instead of at it, he might have survived to tell the tale.)

“The first time you experience the opening of the third eye, or convex vision, you can see through the atomic structure of matter. Everything becomes transparent. It looks as if the floor is clouds.”

(Atom’s Note – Yogananda wrote, “The spiritual eye is a metaphysical telescope through which one can see to infinity in all directions simultaneously, beholding with omnipresent spherical vision whatever is happening in any point of creation.”

“If we slow the brain down to the rate of the heart, we will have convex vision, or intuition.”

(Atom’s Note – This, of course, is a central theme of the Bhagavad-Gita. It’s accomplished by self-regulating the heart’s potassium channels to slow the pulse rate down to 60 cycles per minute = 1 cycle per second = 1 Hertz.)

“When you look through a window, do you see geometry or optical dimension? Consciousness is optical resonance.”

(Atom’s Note – According to Robert Guffey, “Synchronistic Linguistics in The Matrix,” Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader, Winter 2000, “Morpheus offers Neo two pills, one red and one blue, an obvious parallel to the ‘Drink Me’ sequence in Alice in Wonderland. After he swallows the red pill Neo begins to, in Jack True’s terms, ‘wake up,’ (i.e., return to the first nature). The effects of the illusion of visual space slipping away from Neo is presented as an experience akin to an hallucinatory trip on LSD. Neo reaches out for a mirror, which represents visual space. To his surprise the mirror begins to dissolve and his fingers slip through the glass as if its made of viscous liquid.”)

“Total convex vision is God-realization. You are the most unique radarscope when you slow the brain down to slow the respiration down.”

“Cosmic consciousness is synchronous vision, one hundred percent homeostasis – cosmic consciousness, synchronous vision, the inner eye state.”

“Cosmic consciousness is the inner eye state. You’re not going anyplace, you’re already there. It’s a release of a reality that’s already there.”

“I don’t know of any third eye, and I never met one. In all my years of living in this mechanism, I only know one thing about this body – the pineal gland is a lens that provides me with convex vision so I can see through to the atomic particles minus the use of a microscope or X-ray machine. You may call me a seer if you like. Or you get the machine to back up my description atomically, accurately, and mathematically when I describe it to you without the need of a machine. It’s no magic. But you live with your concave vision and think you’re limited in your society and go looking for people who have the capacity to see into the future, thinking that they’re smarter than you, when in actuality they don’t know what the hell is causing their ability to see. It’s convex vision. It’s not caused by chemistry. It’s the result of the ability to focus the pupils so that the chemistry that is set up by the pineal gland interphases with the pituitary gland to set up the photography.”

(Atom’s Note – Adano defined the “third eye” as both eyes seeing in unity, regarding “eye” as plural in Matthew 6.22’s “The light of the body is in the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”)

“The pineal gland creates synchronous vision with a piezoelectrical effect on crystal-forming brain sand. The human brain is solid-state circuitry. The pineal gland is a resonator.”

“The invisible and visible are in coordination with one another. Seeing with the eyes open is looking out, and is chemical. Monitoring one’s own atomic mass like a microscope or telescope is seeing with the eyes closed, and is electrical. Light is both photon emission and wave precipitation.”

Darshan is the ability to see through the mass.”

Darshan is a neuro-optic release, a flash fire in your head.”

Darshan is the whole sight level, total convex vision.”

Darshan is the accelerated sensory focusing between at and through, the integration of convex and concave vision.”

Darshan is biological TV. It happens when your eyes are single – that’s the pair of eyes you have in your head. When the atoms are in a state of kinetic ignition, you have biological TV.”

Darshan is kaleidoscopic unity.”

Darshan is seeing without identifying, hearing without understanding.”

Darshan is leukocytes beaming through the eyes.”

(Atom’s Note – Have you ever looked at the blue of the sky and seen those swirling “energy globules?” Dr. Wilhelm Reich insisted they are a manifestation of “orgone energy.” I observed these “energy globules” through a magnifying glass, thus realizing they are not “out there.” An ophthalmologist informed me they are actually white blood cells (leukocytes), validating Adano, who had previously told me the same thing – they are “leukocytes beaming through the eyes.” So the next time you see the “violet flame” or the “white light,” think optical electronics and ocular chemistry.)

“The owl is symbolic of the medicine man or the wise man. The eagle is symbolic of clear vision, reaching for the heights. The owl is never asleep at night, That’s knowing ‘who’ you are when you’re sound asleep. First learn the owl, then the eagle. The unlimited insight of intuition is the eagle. The journey is a change from ‘who’ to ‘what.'”

(Atom’s Note – I asked Adano, “If the owl is the ‘who’ and the eagle is the ‘what,’ what is the ‘when?'” He replied, “The lynx. The owl is the intellect. The eagle is the intuition. The lynx is the bridge between them.”)

“The adult has a normal vision camera and the child has a holographic vision camera.”

(Atom’s Note – According to Kenneth Jon Rose, The Body in Time, 1988, “Very young infants, up to two months of age, blink slightly less than once a minute; by the age of five to ten years old, children blink at the rate of 6 times a minute. The rate of eye blinking accelerates after that reaching its peak of 24 times a minute at the age of 20. It stays at that rate throughout life and into old age. As the young don’t get any less dust or grit in their eyes than older folks, blinking must serve a purpose that is more than just eye protection.”)

“You can get darshan from the eyes of an infant. When you get darshan from a Master, you feel guilty because you think he knows all about you. When you get darshan from a child, there’s no guilt.”

“Sodium chloride in the salivary glands of a baby turns down the baby’s convex vision.”

(Atom’s Note – Sodium, chloride, and bicarbonate electrolytes are predominantly extracellular. The retina’s pigmented layer has a negative potential compared to the cornea’s positive potential, thanks to the transparent sclera’s insulation of ion transport. Each eye is a battery with a surrounding electromagnetic field – the basis of the computerized electronystagmographical recording of the corneal retinal potential by scientists and health advisers, not to mention its relevance to “convex vision.” The eye is divided into a visual portion and an energetic portion that perceives extravisual stimuli and conducts them to the hypothalamus-pituitary-pineal axis of the brain.)

“Salt turns the convex vision down, not off. The whole body is atomic mass is light – that’s atoms. When the eyes are single, focused in from concave to convex, you will not be at the mercy of your environment.”

“Before three years, salt is allopathic. After three years, it’s homeopathic. Before three years, salt turns down the ability to see convexly.”

(Atom’s Note – A low-sodium diet lowers the excretion rate of lithium. Medical researchers know lithium is especially attracted to such endocrine glands as the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, and ovaries, and, according to Adano, “Gamma rays in the pineal gland resonate the lithium,” and “Lithium realigns cancer, bone disease, and can cure any disease in the world.”)

“Eat black-eyed peas for convex vision. They contain radium, which accentuates the pituitary. Take radium to look at barium.”

“Eat sardines and a dill pickle at Kidney Time. The calcium in the sardine and silicon in the dill pickle are for inner vision.”

“The eyes constantly oscillate, otherwise reality would disappear.”

(Atom’s Note – When the human brain is exposed to a featureless field of vision (a Ganzfeld, German for “complete field”) it will hallucinate it’s own “reality” because, as Adano explained, “The brain can’t stand blank.”)

“Eyes photograph images, which are geometrical shape. Matter is geometry, and geometry is magnetism.”

“The eyes and brain moving too fast will restrict seeing the aura. Aura-blind people have previously misused their sight.”

“Borderline consciousness, keeping the eyes half closed, is a form of biological rest in motion.”

(Atom’s Note – The eyes and eye muscles are multifunctional. For example, the suboccipital eye muscles modify muscle tone elsewhere in the body. Looking up helps activate the entire body’s extensors, while looking down helps activate the entire body’s flexors.)

“When you look at the Master’s picture, don’t focus on the eyes or forehead. Look at the overall picture.”

“The source [of our desires] lies in the throat area – silently speaking to ourselves. The compensation lies in the forehead – when the eyes become single.”

(Atom’s Note – The forehead is activated by space travel, jumping on a trampoline, and “floatation sleep” – sleeping on an airbed or waterbed. According to Leslie Sabbagh, “Keeping The Beat: New technology to monitor the hearts of orbiting astronauts will soon help keep people healthy here on Earth,” Popular Mechanics, Apr. 2005, “Take away gravity and the human machine hardly knows how to behave. The gut rebels, sending food back up the esophagus; blood and other fluids shift upward too, giving astronauts puffy faces; and the volume of blood swells in the eyes’ tiny vessels, shortening focal length and decreasing near vision acuity.”)


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