Re: What do you think about deuterium-depleted water? It’s marketed as “life water” and “light water.”

It’s marketing hype to sell water in plastic bottles, but the concept is based on scientific fact.

Light water (deuterium-depleted water) is opposed to heavy water (deuterium-enhanced water).

Drinking deuterium-depleted water (DDW) every day for at least three months has been used to increase survival rates of cancer patients.

Insulin resistance has been treated with DDW, sometimes combined with DDW amino acids, DDW carbohydrates, DDW lipids, and/or “other flavors and aromas.”

These DDW food products are extracted from sugar beets, soybeans, tomatoes, green peas, French beans, paprika peppers, and farm animals fed with grain watered with DDW water.

The DDW used for these treatments and watering processes vary from 00.1 deuterium atoms per million of hydrogen atoms to 135 deuterium atoms per million of hydrogen atoms.

North American drinking water averages about 150 deuterium atoms per million hydrogen atoms (a few drops of deuterium per quart).

Ocean water contains 156 deuterium atoms per million hydrogen atoms.

Equatorial rain water contains about 155 deuterium atoms per million hydrogen atoms.

Nordic rain water contains about 135-140 deuterium atoms per million hydrogen atoms.

Ground water contains less heavy water than spring water and lake water, especially during the summer months.

Mountain water contains less heavy water than water from lower elevations.

Pure heavy water is not radioactive, but it kills just like chemotherapy, destroying bone marrow and intestinal barriers.

In other words, heavy water kills via excess alkalinity (although it’s activated by excess acidity).

Heavy water also is a potent disruptor of circadian rhythms.

The few drops of heavy water found in ordinary water are easily neutralized by …

1) maintaining an adequate amount of bodily acidity (the life force of food)

2) synchronizing food-water, light-dark, and exercise-sex rhythms with daily terrestrial environmental rhythms

On the other hand, the ORME and ORMUS folks as well as a few wonky water sellers are advertising the health benefits of heavy water (deuterium-enhanced water), including its ability to detoxify, “speed up the digestive process,” and link to monoatomic gold.

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  1. July 29, 2014 @ 7:51 pm atomb

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  2. July 29, 2014 @ 7:59 pm atomb

    Many people are stuck in the old Otto Warburg/John D. Rockefeller “oxygen kills cancer” paradigm.

    According to “Chemists fry tumors in low oxygen environments,” Inside Science TV, July 2, 2013 …

    “More than 12 million Americans live with some kind of cancer and researchers are constantly looking for new ways to stop this deadly disease. Now, scientists at the University of Central Florida are experimenting with a new therapy that uses salt to kill cancer cells.

    “One therapy for treating cancer involves shining lasers on light-sensitive materials to kill nearby cancer cells in the presence of oxygen. But, according to chemist Kevin Belfield from the University of Central Florida, ‘most tumor cells become hypoxic or have low oxygen concentrations.’ Without the necessary oxygen, the lasers cannot kill the cancer cells.

    “Belfield found a way around the lack of oxygen by adding a form of salt to the cancer cells. Now, when a laser shines on the cells, it changes their chemistry, making them more acidic.

    “‘The super acid is generated within a cell, and it creates a pH imbalance within a cell,’ said Belfield.

    “That imbalance helps kill the cancerous cells with or without oxygen.

    “‘So, oxygen can be present, and it works just fine or oxygen can be absent, and it works just fine,’ said Belfield.

    “Researchers believe that this new acid-inducing cancer therapy can kill colon, breast, prostate, ovarian and melanoma cancer cells. However, the therapy does need a light source to work properly, so tumors buried deep within the body may not be suitable.”


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