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The nose is an infrared radiation detector sensitive to HEAT frequencies between 7 1/2-14 microns.

Triple Heater Time (9:00-11:00 pm) regulates sexual relationships.

Eating mushrooms or silica-based algae at Circulation-Sex Time (7:00-9:00 pm) helps power the Triple Heater Meridian.

Pheromones can penetrate gas-tight walls — totally independent of molecular “odorines.”

The top science story of 1947 (conveniently forgotten by money-driven medicine) was courtesy of fragrancescientists Lloyd H. Beck & Walter R. Miles.

Beck & Miles put honey on one side of a gas-tight opaque (to visible light but not to IR radiation) wall, andBEESswarmed tothe opposite side of the wall.

They put rotten meat on one side of the wall, andFLIESamassed on the opposite side.

They put clove oil on one side of the wall, andCOCKROACHES assembled on the opposite side.

MOTHS are attracted to a sap-filled green wood FIRE but not to a dry wood fire.

Moths areattracted to the specific heat frequencies of the essential oils in green wood. (Consult my article in Marcella Vonn Harting’s Yes No Maybe Essential News.)

The essential oils in green wood emit thousands of narrow-band omnidirectional long-distance infrared “radio” signals

Pheromone radiation has much in common with IR missile tech and IR laser applications.

One day the world may be powered by essential oil wavelengths providing up to 80% efficiency compared to the usual solar collector dish ratio of 15-20%.

The ultimate pheromone producer is Synura algae — its odor can be detected in distilled waterdiluted toa fantastic ratio of one part in 25,000,000.

Compare Synura to the intensely penetrating odor of tansy oil, which is undetectable at a dilution ration of one part to 1,000,000.

Almonds eaten at Stomach Time (7:00-9:00 am) enhance the pheromone andadrenaline capabilities of the AMYGDALA.

(One injection of adrenaline can make you 50 TIMES MORE RESISTANT TO HEAT, and “sexual bonding” depends on adrenaline.)

Amygdala is the Greek word for “almond,” and amygdalae is plural for the 2 amydala bodies.

Pheromones arebehind words like “in heat,” “hot mama,” and “steamy sex” — “steamy” because the moisture content of the nose helps determineits 7 1/2-14 micron frequency recognition capabilities).

Pheromones are more than sexual attractants — they “temper” gene transfer and repair DNA.

(To be continued BY REQUEST)

'Infrared Sex Pheromones' have 2 comments

  1. April 29, 2011 @ 10:28 am shellinspector

    Hi Atom,

    Interesting topic! Are you in essence saying that smell and IR radiation are the same? But smell can’t be transferred in vacuum, there has to be a few molecules hitting the nose for us to feel the smell, right? What these animals were sensing in my opinion is the etheric (funny “Ether” is a highly volatile fragrant chem. substance) footprint of the substances, their aura. However your points are still preplexing:

    Do you know that in the ancient Vedic traditions, smell has been associated with spirits (immaterial beeings). Ghosts and spirits always assemble themselves in strong smelling areas. For example, this is a sign of garlic having a Tamasic (malicious) nature. The question is what comes first the smell or the malicious spirit? Or maybe they are two sides of the same thing?

    However, I still cant get my thoughts around the fact that smell has a light nature. The molecule of the substance has to physically hit the nose, but what it carries there might as well be some vibrations, akin to light. What do you think, Atom?


    • April 29, 2011 @ 2:59 pm atomb

      Good question! :)

      The nose is a mind-boggling multitasker.

      See my next blog entry.


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