Men Can Menstruate Too

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Mainstream medical doctors ascribe 99 percent of all cases of male menstruation to snail fever (schistsomiasis), caused by parasitic flatworms.

They attribute the remaining 1 percent to PMDS (persistent Müllerian duct syndrome) — Müllerian duct derivatives cause uterine growth in a man.

But male menstruation can’t always be so conveniently explained away.


George M. Gould, M.D., & Walter L. Pyle, M.D. (Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, 1898) wrote …

“Periodic discharges of blood in man, constituting what is called ‘male menstruation,’ have been frequently noticed and are particularly interesting when the discharge is from the penis or urethra, furnishing a striking analogy to the female function of menstruation. The older authors quoted several such instances, and Mehliss says that in the ancient days certain writers remarked that catamenial lustration [menstrual purging] from the penis was inflicted on the Jews as a divine punishment. Bartholinus mentions a case in a youth; the Ephemerides several instances; Zacutus Lusitanus, Salmuth, Hagedorn, Fabricius, Hildanus, Vesalius, Mead, and Acta Eruditorum all mention instances. Forel saw menstruation in a man. Gloninger tells of a man of thirty-six, who, since the age of seventeen years and five months, had had lunar manifestations of menstruation. Each attack was accompanied by pains in the back and hypogastric region, febrile disturbance, and a sanguineous discharge from the urethra, which resembled in color, consistency, etc., the menstrual flux. King relates that while attending a course of medical lectures at the University of Louisiana he formed the acquaintance of a young student who possessed the normal male generative organs, but in whom the simulated function of menstruation was periodically performed. The cause was inexplicable, and the unfortunate victim was the subject of deep chagrin, and was afflicted with melancholia. He had menstruated for three years in this manner: a fluid exuded from the sebaceous glands of the deep fossa behind the corona glandis; this fluid was of the same appearance as the menstrual flux. The quantity was from one to two ounces, and the discharge lasted from three to six days. At this time the student was twenty-two years of age, of a lymphatic temperament, not particularly lustful, and was never the victim of any venereal disease. The author gives no account of the after-life of this man, his whereabouts being, unfortunately, unknown or omitted.”

According to the same source …

“The simulation of menstruation by the male assumes a vicarious nature as well as in the female. Van Swieten, quoting from Benivenius, relates a case of a man who once a month sweated great quantities of blood from his right flank. Pinel mentions a case of a captain in the army (M. Regis), who was wounded by a bullet in the body and who afterward had a monthly discharge from the urethra. Pinel calls attention particularly to the analogy in this case by mentioning that if the captain were exposed to fatigue, privation, cold, etc., he exhibited the ordinary symptoms of amenorrhea [absence of menstruation] or suppression. Fournier speaks of a man over thirty years old, who had been the subject of a menstrual evacuation since puberty, or shortly after his first sexual intercourse. He would experience pains of the premenstrual type, about twenty-four hours before the appearance of the flow, which subsided when the menstruation began. He was of an intensely voluptuous nature, and constantly gave himself up to sexual excesses. The flow was abundant on the first day, diminished on the second, and ceased on the third. Halliburton, Jouilleton, and Rayman also record male menstruation.”

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  1. March 9, 2020 @ 6:29 am Atom

    Heavy metals? Coffee is the answer. Ditto orange juice. Resveratrol for longevity? Nope, resveratrol is a super-estrogen that can cause cancer.


  2. May 8, 2020 @ 11:14 am Atom

    Greg Whiteley was so sick and impoverished he had to get well enough to catch a ride from Austin to Houston to see Adano Ley.
    He literally, not figuratively, crawled into Adano’s clinic.
    Adano took one look at him and said, “I can’t do a thing for you.”
    Before Greg left, Adano told him, “But if you go inside, you will find a strength you never knew you had.”
    Greg returned to Austin, and started writing affirmations.
    “I want to see if this New Age shit really works,” he told a friend.
    Today, he’s a healthy world traveler and organic farmer, head of an A Team-like group that eats Solar Nutrition three meals a day.
    They go by several names, including Aquarian Lifestyles Research and Divine Spark Productions.
    All of them still write their affirmations and eat according to circadian rhythms every day.


  3. May 8, 2020 @ 11:15 am Atom

    Margarine gave from various sources …
    arachis oil
    babassu oil (African palm oil)
    beef tallow
    coconut oil
    corn oil
    cottonseed oil
    herring oil
    lard (kidney & caul fat of hogs)
    mustard seed oil
    mutton oleo
    mutton tallow
    olive oil
    palm kernel oil
    palm oil
    peanut oil
    rape oil
    red palm oil
    seal oil
    sesame oil
    shea butter
    soybean oil
    sunflower oil
    whale oil


  4. May 8, 2020 @ 11:16 am Atom

    “And there are really quite a few articles that people don’t get to hear about, showing that the fish oils contribute to atherosclerosis, and increase the risk of metastatic cancer, and are toxic to the brain and so on. The commercial promotion of the fish oils, they happen to never mention those.” — Ray Peat


  5. May 8, 2020 @ 11:16 am Atom

    D.C. Jarvis, M.D. (Folk Medicine, 1958) wrote …
    “It becomes apparent, as one studies this list [of bacteria that grow optimally on alkaline media of pH 7.4 and above], that microorganisms harmful to the human body grow on an alkaline soil. This is particularly interesting in the light of the evidence that in dairy cows and human beings alike, an instinct exists which leads them to seek an acid intake. In the light of the above evidence [‘Most Favorable Reaction of Media for Growing Pathogenic Bacteria’], it seems reasonable to suspect that pathogenic bacteria which are harmful to the body are in the world for another purpose than to cause sickness in human beings. Nature has spread acid vegetation about with a lavish hand, apparently to prevent infestation of the body with pathogenic microorganisms, turning into infection of the body by these same microorganisms. The instinct leading animals and humans to seek acid vegetation and acid liquids has been given as a protection.”


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