Minding Psoriasis

By Atom Bergstrom

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According to The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (2016), “Patients with psoriasis may have a high prevalence of several mental disorders. A case-controlled study conducted by Kumar et al reported that 84 percent of patients with psoriasis had psychiatric comorbidities, a prevalence that was statistically significant.”

More from the same source —> “Psoriasis has stronger associations with psychiatric disorders than other dermatologic diseases. Patients may have specific psychopathologic features that are not commensurate with the extent of skin lesions. Studies have shown that these patients suffer from the same deterioration in health-related quality of life as patients with cancer and cardiovascular diseases.”

Why not circumvent all the formal psychobabble by Mind Hacking the psoriasis sufferer to uncover WHO is the MATTER (the Cause of the Cause of the Cause)?

Medical Nemesis fancies psoriasis as an autoimmune disease causing the immune system to crank out skin cells up to ten times faster than normal. Psoriasis is also described as a “genetic disease triggered by environmental factors,” the ultimate cop-out of modern medicine, leaving the hoi polloi in the lurch, up against forces that are mostly beyond our control. We are an insignificant speck of dust in a vast void of infinite nothingness, to hear them tell it. But if we line up next to the cash register, they happen to have lots of high-tech genes and potent drugs in stock to rescue us from our seemingly hopeless situation.

The skin itself is an organ and a second organ (ADRENAL MEDULLA) is contained throughout it. Psoriasis and other skin diseases have been regularly healed by a combination of solar radiation and salt water bathing — the saltier the water, the better (Dead Sea, Great Salt Lake, etc.).

Psoriasis is often related to the THYROID GLAND, in one way or the other.

Medical doctors had better results resolving psoriasis back when they didn’t have such dogmatic and money-grubbing concepts of it. Many cases were resolved using thyroid treatment — over 70 years before anyone knew about T3 and T4.

According to Byrom Bramwell, M.D. (1904), “Now this particular case of psoriasis is to me a most interesting one, for it was the first case of psoriasis in which I employed the thyroid treatment. The patient came under my notice eleven years ago suffering from a very marked and widespread psoriasis. The eruption was then much more marked and much more widespread than it is now. At that time, I was deeply interested in the thyroid treatment of myxœdema. In the first case of myxœdema in which I employed the thyroid treatment, I gave the raw gland and I gave far too large a dose. The result was the production of acute thyroidism. The myxœdematous symptoms were rapidly removed, and the skin desquamated freely. Practically speaking, the patient got a new skin. I was very much impressed with the desquamation, with the improved nutrition of the skin, with the rapid growth of hair, and with the restoration of the sweat secretion; and I said to myself, if thyroid extract can produce such a remarkable result on the nutrition of the skin in myxœdema, it will probably be useful in the treatment of skin diseases. I therefore decided to try the remedy in cases of skin disease. This was the first case in which I employed it. The result was extraordinary; it altogether exceeded my expectations. In the course of a few weeks the eruption cleared off, the skin became perfectly normal except for some pigmented patches on the legs where the eruption had been.”

More from the same source —> “Well, that was not an isolated case; in another case which came under my observation while this patient was still in hospital the result was still more remarkable. In that, the fifth, case of psoriasis in which I employed the thyroid treatment an immediate effect was produced by the remedy — within twenty-four hours, and after a single dose (five drops of Brady and Martin’s liquid extract), the patient stated that her arms felt less stiff and painful than they previously had done; after two doses the inflammation and œdema, which were present, were obviously less. In that, as in the first case, the disease yielded to very small doses of the drug. In both cases, the ordinary diet of the hospital was allowed, and no external application of any kind whatever was applied to the surface of the skin. Both patients were kept in bed during the earlier part of the treatment. In both cases, the cure was preceded by the detachment of very large scales.”

More from the same source —> “During the past eleven years I have had the opportunity of treating a large number of cases; but it is a remarkable fact that in none of them have the results been so satisfactory as in these two cases (the first and the fifth cases in which I employed the remedy). I have had many other successful cases, but in none of them did the eruption clear off so quickly and as the result of such small doses of the remedy; in some of them very large doses had to be given in order to effect a cure.”

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty), “Psoriasis is mostly a vitamin D and E deficiency, also [vitamin] B-4 [choline]. Apply wheat germ oil and apple cider vinegar in a one-to-one ratio, and follow with five to six minutes of exposure to ultraviolet light. Sunbathing is also good while rubbed down with wheat germ oil and apple cider vinegar. Rub it on the posterior of the body because the liver is mostly involved in psoriasis. Psoriasis acts a little like herpes – T-9 [ninth thoracic vertebra] is always sore. Expose the spine to the ultraviolet radiation spectrum. Rub the spine, especially T-9, a liver reflex, with sulfur and bentonite.”


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