Myxedema (Mucus Swelling)




By Atom Bergstrom

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Myxedema —> “swelling of the skin and underlying tissues giving a waxy consistency, typical of patients with underactive thyroid glands.”


According to “Myxedema,” Wikipedia, March 29, 2019 …

“Myxedema is more common in women than in men.”

According to the same source …

“Myxedema describes a specific form of cutaneous and dermal edema secondary to increased deposition of connective tissue components. The connective fibres are separated by an increased amount of protein and mucopolysaccharides.”


Ray Peat (PMS to Menopause: Female Hormones in Context, 1997) wrote …

“Women normally have less active livers than men do. Estrogen can have a directly toxic effect on the liver, but the normal reason for the difference is probably that temperature and thyroid function strongly influence the liver, and are generally lower in women than in men. Estrogen inhibits the secretion of hormone by the thyroid gland itself, probably by inhibiting the proteolytic enzymes which dissolves the colloid. Progesterone has the opposite effect, promoting the release of the hormones from the gland. At puberty, in pregnancy, and at menopause, the thyroid gland often enlarges, probably as a result of estrogen dominance.”


Sir Byrom Bramwell (Anaemia and Some of the Diseases of the Blood-forming Organs and Ductless Glands, 1899) wrote …

“Myxœdema is at least six times as frequent (perhaps ten times as frequent) in women as in men. Of 109 cases tabulated in the Clinical Society’s report, 94 were women and 15 were men; while of 150 cases tabulated by Drs Henry Hun and T. Mitchell Pruden, 113 were females and 32 were males, the sex not being stated in 5. Of 370 cases analysed by Dr George Murray, 322 were women and 48 were men. In my series of 33 cases of adult myxœdema, 29 were females and 4 males; and all of my (7) cases of juvenile myxœdema and sporadic cretinism were females.

“In its preference for the female sex, myxœdema resembles exophthalmic goitre.”

According to the same source …

“The disease seems to occur more frequently in married women who have borne families than in the unmarried, though it is by no means uncommon in single women.”

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  1. April 5, 2019 @ 4:05 pm Atom

    Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) changed the ingredients in Skin Food several times.

    I helped him make a batch of it in Knoxville, and he added NO ingredients.

    The “white cholesterol” (the residue from making ghee) is the only essential ingredient.–e-books.php


  2. April 5, 2019 @ 4:09 pm Atom

    Re: How about Food Combining. Or the Diamond diet.

    The Diamond Diet is a Food Combining Diet disguised as a Time Combining Diet.

    Time Combining has priority, and Harvey & Marilyn Diamond misunderstood Food Combining, basing their info on 1930s Natural Hygiene principles.–e-books.php#Sun-Sync-Nutrition-Simplified


  3. April 5, 2019 @ 4:10 pm Atom

    According to Ayurveda, impeccable digestion requires Five Air Equilibrium …

    Prana Vayu, Apana Vayu, Samana Vayu, Udana Vayu and Vyana Vayu.


  4. April 5, 2019 @ 4:11 pm Atom

    According to circadian rhythms, maple syrup is best digested, assimilated, utilized, stockpiled, and eliminated from 12:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon (an 11 hour, 30 minute optimal time window).


  5. April 5, 2019 @ 4:12 pm Atom

    Cooked kale is usually the higher choice, especially for folks with low thyroid and slow adrenals.


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