Percent Is a Statistic?




By Atom Bergstrom

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According to Wikipedia …

The human body is composed of

65% Oxygen
18.5% Carbon
9.5% Hydrogen
3.2% Nitrogen
1.5% Calcium
1.0% Phosphorus
0.4% Potassium
0.3% Sulfur
0.2% Sodium
0.2% Chlorine
0.2% Magnesium


Who’s human body did the beaker boys measure to get these percentages?

Oprah Winfrey?
Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Cheryl Cole?
Donald Trump?
David Crosby?
Jack Kruse?
Ray Peat?
Sally Fallon Morell?
Betty White?
Kirk Douglas?
Fauja Singh (The Turbaned Tornado)?
Joe Pesci?


According to Wikipedia …

“The body water constitutes as much as 93% of the body weight of a newborn infant, whereas some obese people are as little as 15% water by weight.”


Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.

Water weight can drastically change the amount of hydrogen and oxygen in the body — 13.5% + 65% = 74.5%.

Have the beaker boys really sussed out the healthiest ratios of water weight in the human body … or the ideal ratios of chemistry?

If you believe they have, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in the Sahara.

Rain is expected soon.


According to Wikipedia …

Olive oil is composed of 10.5% polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Oh, really?

The “average” might be 10.5%, but this can vary from 3% to 50%.

Obviously, all olives are not created equal.


Were your olives picked when they were ripe? Overripe? Less than ripe?

Were your olives picked from a young tree? An old tree? A healthy tree?

Were your olives picked during cold weather? Were they frostbitten?

Were your olives grown in the shade? At what altitude?

Were your olives bruised?

How long did your olives sit around? Were they kept dry and clean in an airy room?

What kind of settling tanks were used? Tin? Stone? White oak?

What variety of olive was your olive oil made with? Alfonso? Amfissa? Beldi? Castelvetrano? Cerignola? Columella? Gaeta? Gordal? Hispania? Kalamata? Liguria? Manzanilla? Mission? Niçoise? Nyon? Picholine? Raza? Rubia? Urvavia?


Know the Source. Follow the Money.

Trust everyone, but cut the cards.

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  1. May 16, 2019 @ 3:38 pm Atom

    When I was in the health food business, I learned to never give the customer a choice.

    Why? Because the customer would walk out the door.

    If I’d given them a choice, I’d have been out of business in a matter of months.

    Are the readers of Atom’s Blog smarter? Life is all about choices.

    Or are you gonna walk out the door?–e-books.php


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