The great majority of so-called antioxidants are too large to pass through the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

Anything bigger than 500 daltons (only 1/50 to 1/100 the size of most protein molecules) can’t get through the BBB – or the skin covering your body.

A dalton (Da) isapproximately the mass of a single proton or neutron.

It’s also known as an atomic mass unit (AMU).

A water moleculehas a mass of18 Da / niacinamide, 123.11 Da / L-methionine, 149.21 Da / ascorbic acid, 176.13 Da / vitamin A, 286.46 Da / etc. / allowing easy access past the blood-brain barrier.

On the other side of the coin, a bioflavonoid molecule like rutinhas a mass of610.53 Da, so it can’t directly help capillaries in the parts of the brain north of the blood-brain barrier..

Nanotechnology/neurotechnology companies are bioengineering “edible computer chips” and self-configuring “self-aware”nanons smaller than 500 Da to implant them in the brain for deep brain “monitoring,” “stimulation,” and “rehabilitation.”

Even for “cellular intact absorption” anywhere in the body, molecules can’t weigh more than 1,500 Da.

So much for claims of cellular absorption for supplementssuch ascopper-zinc SOD enzyme or manganese SOD enzyme.

The first has a mass more than 30,000 Da, and the second is close to double that size (60,000 Da)

Most allergens are proteins with molecular weights in the range of 18,000 to 36,000 Da.

Proteins range between 10,000 to 1,000,000 daltons; enzymes between 12,000 to 1,000,000 Da.


Here’s a Size Matters list …

1 Da = hydrogen

2 Da = deuterium

3 Da = tritium

18 Da = water

19 Da = heavy water

122.13 Da = niacinamide

123.11 Da = niacin

149.21 Da = L-methionine

167.16 Da = pyridoxal B-6

169.17 Da = pyridoxine B-6

176.13 Da = ascorbic acid

178 Da = phenanthrene

180.16 Da = acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin)

202 Da = pyrene

220.23 Da = 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

228 Da = chrysene

252 Da = perylene

286.46 Da = retinol (vitamin A)

414.4 Da = podofilox (antimitotic drug)


610.53 Da = rutin

1,007 Da = oxytocin


2,639 Da = Zicomotide

3,485 Da = pancreatic glucagon

3,500 Da = gastric glucagon

5,808 Da = human insulin

8,433 Da = ubiquitin (a simple protein)

27,000 Da = chymopapain

28,000 Da = thyrotropin (TSH)

30,000 Da = copper-zinc SOD

60,000 Da = manganese SOD

64,000 Da = hemoglobin

110,000 Da = aminopeptidase

150,000 Da = IgG molecule

6,300,000 = JP-5 (aviation jet fuel)


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  1. September 21, 2013 @ 11:16 pm atomb

    Check out my e-books at …

    Inflammation (excess alkalinity) can change the permeability of the blood-brain barrier.


  2. September 22, 2013 @ 3:31 pm jean

    – Do you agree the BBB is made more permeable by today’s EMF’s? (which are said to actually use frequencies that mainstream medicine is using to get “meds” past the BBB for brain treatments.)

    Two more notes:

    – “Stopping Inflammation: Relieving the Cause of Degenerative Diseases,” Nancy Appleton
    review: In an insight that will be completely new to many people, she explains how the BBB is made more porous by allergens, opening the brain to inflammatory compounds.

    I have that book, but haven’t read it. Maybe she means stuff like this:

    – Glutamate (like aspartame) is esp. insidious because it can cross the delicate blood-brain barrier and keep it open, which allows other harmful agents to enter. – Nenah Sylver, Rife Handbook


    • September 22, 2013 @ 10:18 pm atomb

      Longevity researchers are beginning to back off from their position of inflammation being a major cause of disease.

      The Boogie Man of the hour used to be cholesterol, then came inflammation, and soon a new Boogie Man will be crowned.

      A newer longevity perspective is that inflammation and ROS (reactive oxygen species) are protecting the body from disease and aging.

      One thing for sure, aging causes the BBB to become more permeable and fragile.

      Nitric oxide is anti-inflammatory, but, in excess, it becomes pro-inflammatory and increases the permeability of the BBB.

      Hypoxia also increases its permeability.

      I’m waiting for further developments. :)


  3. September 23, 2013 @ 2:13 pm jean

    Isn’t it important to make a distinction between inflammation and chronic and/or blocked inflammation though?

    I’ve always loved how someone like Harvey Bigelsen goes on about that, teaches us about the true nature of inflammation but warning about the chronic side of it.

    Coming from his neural therapy side, he claims most scars are blocked inflammation and can indeed cause all hell? :)

    Having a few small scars myself, I sometimes wonder if I should have a Procaine injection there “for the hell of it” :D (Though I *have* seen people complain about it, because some practitioners think they can have a go at fixing anything with what they are offering.)

    On the other hand, the word Procaine alone scares me and “I can never believe” this stuff is as harmless as they claim?

    From Robert Becker, The Body Electric, I picked up that some local reverse potential may be produced with the Procaine…

    “In all animals, incl. humans, the normal negative potentials at the extremities weakened or vanished as an anesthetic took effect. Under deep total anesthesia, the potentials often reversed entirely, the extremities becoming positive and the brain and spine negative.
    At that time we didn’t yet know about the two-way system, inward along sensory nerves and outward along motor nerves, but it was obvious that a current flow was being reversed by the pain-preventing drugs. In lab animals and humans under local anesthetic, such as a shot of procaine in one arm, the negative potential was abolished only for that arm. […] We also found we could work backward, using the currents to produce anesthesia.”

    And from this description of neural therapy …

    “Symptoms can be stopped by injecting local anesthetics into scars, acupuncture points peripheral nerves, and glands. Other, less-invasive methods may also be used to correct ”short circuits” and restore electrical conductivity in the body.”

    … and the use of “shortcuts” I was kind of reminded of your talking about shunts. Is it a very wild guess if stuff like scars can be treated with the shunting practise too and be a safer (though more intensive?) alternative for neural therapy?
    Any opinions on this neural therapy are welcomed :)

    And in closing a tidbit on inflammation again from Kikuo Chishima, Revolution of Biology & Medicine, vol. 9, 1972 …

    “In spite of inflammation being the most basic problem in the medical sciences, it seems to me that its true mechanism has been misunderstood by present day medical scientists. Mostly differing from my view is the negligence of an important role played by erythrocytes in the region of the inflammation and the overestimation of the function of leucocytes. […]

    Acc. to my studies on the capillaries of a living body or stained section preparates, the capillary’s ends are open here and there, so that the erythrocytes flow out, freely into the interstitial spaces of tissues. The so-called statement “erythrocytes are ingested by phagocytic macrophages in the region of inflammatory region” is in my view only a product of the AFD [Aggregation, Fusion, Differentiation] process of erythrocytes, because there’s no evidence of proliferation or emigration of macrophages. On the contrary: there can be seen clear transitional phases from erythrocytic mass (monera) into macrophage. […]

    It is generally believed by pathologists that the pus in a purulent inflammatory lesion are leucocyte corpses that were defeated in battle with a pyogenic bacillus. But that may not be true. From the results of my observations on the putrefaction of leucocytes or other cells, the protoplasmic substance itself changes into putrefactive bacteria without bacterial invasion into the cell.”


    • September 24, 2013 @ 1:49 pm atomb

      Inflammation is only a problem if you try to stop it with anti-inflammatory foods, herbs, and/or drugs.

      When your body is on time, inflammation RUNS ITS COURSE.

      The “most basic problem in medical science” is AGING, the Mother Ship launching 99% of all diseases.

      Scars can be removed by tickling them with a feather in a clockwise direction.

      An alternate explanation of inflammation (which might or might not be true) is …

      Bacteria, viruses, and fungi don’t have to invade. They are already “us” as our microbiome (bacteria), virome (viruses), and mycobiome (fungi).

      Our mitochondria was once part of our microbiome, but now it’s evolved to a place halfway between our microbiome and our genome.


      • September 24, 2013 @ 1:50 pm atomb

        On the other hand, in our quantum world, atomic transmutation is possible. :)


  4. September 24, 2013 @ 3:16 pm jean

    “Inflammation is only a problem if you try to stop it with anti-inflammatory foods, herbs, and/or drugs.”

    I was just wondering about that yesterday! Like, “This may not be right? It’s like trying to put out a fever when it’s just starting (for a good reason)…!?”
    On the other hand, I am not that aware what these foods may be doing, like actually holding back the natural course or supplying building blocks for a better natural course…? I’d guess it’s a mixed bag and better to watch out for the most infamous anti-inflammatory ones first :)

    “Scars can be removed by tickling them with a feather in a clockwise direction.”

    Thanks! But I guess this is mostly for the superficial part of it? Though I would not be surprised if an electrical current goes deeper into the body to work there too.

    The scars Harvey Big-elsen is Big on ;) are all the ones that would most often remain in levels of tissues inside when one has had surgery (recent or old).
    The blockages happening there could harbor and start leaking very nasty toxins that can cause “all hell.”
    He claims he sees a lot of typical problems (Hep C, Lyme, …) after recent surgeries and the trapped inflammation it inflicted on the patients. [more reasons I guess are what you summed up elsewhere: “Trauma of any kind – incl. surgery – always alkalizes the body” and all its consequences…]

    He also speaks of a handful very important diaphragms within the body that often lose function when mainstream cuts on them…

    Harvey Bigelsen, Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs, 2009 … “The first scar in the body is formed by cutting the umbilical cord. Behind the belly button, the umbilical ligament attaches up to the diaphragm. If it’s too short, the diaphragm can’t expand and contract properly to allow a person to inhale deeply.”

    I would think that kind of stuff is right into Adano’s alley too? :)

    Bigelsen then goes forward with neural therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, … to try and get things flowing again.

    Anyway, the body would indeed be able to produce the aforementioned infection symptoms all by itself, without the “outside invaders” Pasteur would have us believe. Although I must confess I’m a “believer” in the phenomenon of supposed pleomorphism, which is totally fascinating! :)

    “An alternate explanation of inflammation (which might or might not be true) is …
    Bacteria, viruses, and fungi don’t have to invade. They are already “us” as our microbiome (bacteria), virome (viruses), and mycobiome (fungi).
    Our mitochondria was once part of our microbiome, but now it’s evolved to a place halfway between our microbiome and our genome.
    On the other hand, in our quantum world, atomic transmutation is possible.”

    Yes!!! :D Not sure if you *are* suggesting the exact idea of “possible pleomorphism as we know it” here, but I hope so… ;)
    “Pleomorphism” was a word I was disappointed not to find in your work. I hope Adano didn’t deny it…? ;)

    I just discovered you featured the word in one older blog post though:

    Off to read it! :-P Thanks again!


    • September 25, 2013 @ 1:21 pm atomb

      Re: scars. :)

      Scars only pose a problem to those medical doctors and holistic practitioners who make them a problem …

      According to

      Jackie Chan has had scores of injuries and broken numerous bones. He broke his nose three times (Young Master, Project A and Mr. Nice Guy), his ankle once, most of his fingers, both cheekbones and his skull. He dislocated his shoulder in City Hunter and broke a vertebrae in Police Story. In Drunken Master he nearly lost an eye.

      Chan has a hole in his head from the film Armour of God, when he suffered a brain hemorrhage sustained in Yugoslavia when he missed a leap onto tree, fell, and hit his head on a rock. He had to have brain surgery. In Rumble in the Bronx, he broke his ankle making a leap and shot much of the film while in a cast. Chan said, “I use out takes [at the end of his films] to show my fans that I get hurt. This isn’t cartoon.”

      When asked how long he can keep it up, Chan told Time, “I don’t know. I always think something will happen to me. An accident is an accident. If I break my ankle, click, I just snap it back. I have so many scars.”


      • September 25, 2013 @ 1:28 pm atomb

        Re: pleomorphism.

        I don’t remember Swami Nitty-Gritty mentioning pleomorphism.

        I’ve read two books on the subject, and will suspend my opinion until I get access to a dark field microscope …


        • September 25, 2013 @ 1:34 pm atomb

          Re: it was obvious that a current flow was being reversed by the pain-preventing drugs

          Swami Nitty-Gritty routinely reversed current flow with a TENS unit. :)

          The electrical polarity NEEDS to be reversed when a bone is broken (although bones don’t scar).

          If the polarity isn’t reversed, bone heals with a LIP, WELDING together instead of FUSING together.


  5. September 25, 2013 @ 2:51 pm jean

    Re: Scars only pose a problem to those medical doctors and holistic practitioners who make them a problem…

    “Who knows…” :) In Dr Pete Peterson talks about a guy that claimed to have found the Neural system and later admitted he made it all up and committed suicide. If that is the same neural system Neural Therapy is based on… *Oops* :)

    But, I’m guessing they are different and Bigelsen brings it convincingly to me. And so many others claim to be “releasing” scars, etc. that I’m suspending my opinion for now ;)

    Came across the TENS info again yesterday and was anticipating that reply :D

    More on pleomorphism tomorrow or soon :) Thx!


    • September 25, 2013 @ 3:18 pm atomb

      The evidence of a scar tissue release is “no more scar.”

      The “test” is to have a therapist “erase” a simple appendectomy scar, returning it to “basket-weave” geometry.

      Scars are weaknesses and must be compensated or “erased.”

      Stretch marks are scars too.

      Energy follows geometry. Fortunately, mind does not have to either follow energy or geometry. :)

      PS: I’m reading Harvey Bigelsen’s books now and checking him out on YouTube. :)


      • September 26, 2013 @ 7:16 am jean

        Thanks for the scar hints!

        Re: I’m reading Harvey Bigelsen’s books now and checking him out on YouTube.

        So quickly? You must have your sources :) I just scanned one of my books yesterday!
        He used to share ”Medical Conspiracy in America” (2009) for free and that can still easily be found.

        I think I first discovered him on the former and longer CMN network videos. They are now here:

        You can watch everything there for free for 10 days if you sign up. It’s a drag, but worth it.
        Haven’t they asked you? Host Regina is charming! ;)

        At the time I had just discovered the idea of pleomorphism and related ideas, so when I saw him in “H.B. on Hepatitis C and Inflammation” & “H.B. on Holographic Blood” he just “totally killed” and they were the most eye-opening and entertaining videos of the year for me :)

        He’s also been on Patrick’s show:

        Possible points against him:
        – He thinks cancer is a mold.
        – Sometimes uses chemo with the help of Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), because sometimes … “you have to catch a running freight train!” (On the other hand, who am I to judge. I can imagine these situations and at least it’s IPT.)

        Well, maybe that was in his former clinic in Mexico though, cause currently “California state law says it is illegal to treat cancer without chemotherapy or radiation so we do not work with cancer cases.”

        Nevertheless, he does seem to claim a lot of past success for some cancer types. Near 100% for prostate cancer.

        H.Bigelsen: “Personally, I find that prostate cancer is one of the easiest cases to deal with and frankly, there is a medication out there that I have personally found to be just about 100% effective in curing prostate cancer. […] There is a testosterone blocker that the US took off the market in 1972 because the establishment said it caused clotting problems The cost is only 1 dollar per tablet and it works wonderfully well.”

        Though I wonder if that’s another temporary solution in your book and will lead to problems later…

        Anyway, I hope it’s not lost time for you :)
        I feel he has stuff in common with both you and Adano, as a character too :D


        • September 26, 2013 @ 8:58 am jean

          Just found he has a new 38 page free ebook out “See The Messages Within You” (if you wanna go through the motions).

          In the process, it mentions David Icke is a client :)


          • September 26, 2013 @ 10:59 pm atomb

            The wounds of a hibernating black bear don’t scar.

            Hypnotists have eliminated scars too.

            Scarring of the liver (cirrhosis) can be lethal.

            Finding a remedy for scarring would solve a lot of other internal problems.

            Surgical and non-surgical scarring include …

            (1) lung scarring

            (2) intestinal scarring (adhesions)

            (3) stomach scarring

            (4) spleen scarring

            (5) pancreas scarring (pancreatitis)

            (6) heart scarring

            (7) bladder scarring (interstitial cystitis)

            etc., etc., etc.

            “Spontaneous” scarring is more commonplace than surgical or injury scars.

            I recently had a case of spontaneous scarring called Dupuytren’s contracture by simply advising someone about this condition by e-mail.

            It’s almost entirely gone now (something that’s not supposed to be possible).

  6. September 26, 2013 @ 7:50 am jean

    Harvey Bigelsen wrote …

    “What I have found recently is that the biggest cause of a stagnant ‘pond’ is a surgical scar. At the base of the surgical scar there is a great deal of inflammation, as the body is attempting to heal. Thwarting this attempt, the scar acts as a disturbance field blocking innate healing ability.

    When I treat a scar using neural therapy and isopathic remedies (to heal the inflammation), the results in Lyme disease patients are dramatic. The cure of Lyme disease is directly related to breaking the stagnation that causes trapped inflammation. If you look for and treat the surgical scars, you will find that they are the most common cause of obstruction and trapped inflammation.”

    A positive takeaway here could be his use of “recent”, written around the time of his book “Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs.”

    It could mean he did not simply run with the theories of neural therapy about scars, but only in latter years experienced convincing proof of it. (Well, I guess there are two aspects here: (1) is the scar really a source of trapped inflammation, and (2) can neural therapy really relieve it for a while.)

    It took some years before he perceived the Holographic Blood phenomenon to seem true too.

    A final tidbit on scar repair from the electro healing side:

    “Acc. to info on Gary Wade’s site [ ], scar tissue was said to return to normal skin tissue using his magnetic pulser after a period of time. This obviously means that the cells at the site of the scar must de-differrenciate in order for the scar tissue to return to normal. Quite a claim. I hope it’s so.” – randall

    It seems to feature several articles on tissue repair / regeneration, but I have not looked into it.


    • October 6, 2013 @ 2:08 am atomb

      Many folks with scar tissue live long and healthy lives.

      When it comes to illness, the best remedy I know is to totally ignore the symptoms.

      That’s when I heal the quickest.

      Mother Nature has been healing for billions of years, while I’m just a n00b, so I let her do her job. :)

      Admittedly, my way is not for everyone.


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