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Re: All my health ailments are on my right side. What are your thoughts?

The back of the right side indicates male Cognitive Shocks.

The front of the right side indicates female Cognitive Shocks.

Body Dowsing’s Cornerstone Technique only measures the front of the right side.


Body Dowsing spans the “gross-fine continuum” — gross muscle movements, fine muscle movements, and anything in between.

The Cornerstone Technique measures mostly gross muscle movements, which provides 80% of the Specific Engram History, a much higher percentage than all other Body Language muscle response techniques.


Fine muscle movements require some degree of interpretation.

Gross muscle movements are digital — Yes or No.

Anyone who knows how to tell Yes from No can use the Cornerstone Technique.

Example …

“Do you have any issues with your ex-husband?”

If the left foot jumps, the answer is Yes.

If there’s no movement on the left side, the answer is No.

What if the right foot jumps?

Often this calls attention to the “Other Woman Syndrome.”

The Cognitive Shock is about the “other woman” who seduced the ex-husband.

The “other woman” is commonly about childhood sibling rivalry — competing with a sister for the father’s love.

Keep Body Dowsing to find the exact details.

Sometimes the “Other Woman” is the mother-in-law who interfered with the marriage.

Or the mother, for that matter.

Body Dowsing will provide names, places, times, and specifics “down to the gnat’s eyelash.”


According to Albert Mason, M.D. …

“I was walking across Hammersmith Bridge one day and a woman came up to me and said, ‘Do you remember me, Dr. Mason?’ I said, no, I’m sorry. ‘I am the wife of the man that you treated with a skin rash on his feet, on his legs.’ I said oh, I remember him, how is he? She said, ‘Oh, his skin rash is gone, but he is a changed person. He has become terribly irritable now.’ So I suddenly realized I had transformed an irritation of the skin to an irritation of the person, that the man was irritated. And one form was to scratch, and another form was to scratch his wife. So I realized I was converting things, not curing. And that made me want to understand about the mind, and what it can do. And so I became a psychoanalyst.”
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  1. March 7, 2019 @ 1:32 am Atom

    Joe (not his real name) had a prostate problem. The Cognitive Shock color was violet.

    The prostate often speaks to the father, and violet often indicates a spiritual trauma.

    “Did your father have a religious or spiritual trauma?” I asked.

    “Yes,” Joe said. “He was excommunicated from the Catholic Church.”



  2. March 7, 2019 @ 6:41 pm John

    Hello Atom! You have mentioned in past interviews how you are not a fan of Nano-particle sized silver, and so I was wondering how you felt about Colloidal silver? Hospital burn units and many health web sites extol the ability of Colloidal silver to assist in the wound healing process such that there is virtually no scar to be seen…what do you think? Are there more natural, more effective ways to erase scar tissue to restore normal skin appearance?


    • March 7, 2019 @ 8:23 pm Atom

      I’m 100% for *natural* nanoparticles. The raw cheese I eat is loaded with them.

      It’s synthetic nanoparticles I do my best to avoid. That’s hard to do because the world’s water supply and any food watered with it are loaded with nanoparticles, including a preponderance of silver ones.


      Silver is toxic in any form, including colloidal silver. It’s just a matter of degree.

      See page 175 of Revici’s textbook.

      Using silver EXTERNALLY in burn units definitely helps healing. Burn units usually use silver sulfadiazine cream.


      Long story short, colloidal silver’s main purpose seems to be stimulating the gross domestic product.


      SHOCK is alkaline and stops burn healing. Acidity starts and supports burn healing.

      Healthy thyroid, liver, and adrenals (adrenal cells are mostly in the skin) are absolutely necessary for burn or wound healing without scarring.

      Red incandescent heat lamp therapy can help.


      Ever New Diamond Body Lifestyles,


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