Remember my blog entry, “Why Are These Billionaires Meeting on Kiawah Island,” posted May 18, 2013?

I noted one reason for the caucus was a Sports/Media Conspiracy, predicting that billionaire Daniel “Dan” Gilbert, owner of several sports teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, was a Central Player.

Here’s what Daniel Gilbert recently said about Donald Sterling while Sterling still owned the L.A. Clippers …

“It is shocking that anyone could hold the kind of offensive and feeble minded views that are being attributed allegedly to the Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. The diverse staff members of the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise are unified in encouraging Commissioner Silver and the NBA to respond with swift and appropriate action consistent with a strong zero tolerance approach to this type of reprehensible behavior.”

Daniel Gilbert is in business with Magic Johnson in Detroit Venture Partners.

Steve Ballmer visited Dan Gilbert in Detroit just before the Kiawah Island powwow and more than a year before he bought the L.A. Clippers.

What possessed LeBron James to return to Daniel Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers after all the “bad blood” between them?

Here are some of the Elite Power Brokers who powwowed at The Sanctuary (1 Towncenter, Kiawah Island, SC 29455) last year …

Bill Gates (alleged #2 richest person in the world at the time)

Warren Buffet (alleged #4 richest person in the world at the time)

Michael Bloomberg (alleged #7 richest person in the world at the time)

Oprah Winfrey (alleged #61 richest person in the world at the time)

Daniel Gilbert (alleged #384 richest person in the world at the time)

Jeb Bush (possible 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate)

Keep your eyes on Daniel Gilbert as being a key communications/sports magnate and his business dealings with other “fat cats” such as …

Mike Ilitch (founder of Ilitch Holdings and Little Caesars Pizza, and owner of the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers)

Peter Karmanos (CEO of CompuWare and owner of the Carolina Hurricanes, Plymouth Whalers, and Florida Everblades)

Roger S. Penske (CEO of Penske Corporation and owner of Penske Racing)

Daniel Gilbert is the chairman and founder of Quicken Loans, and the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lake Erie Monsters, Cleveland Gladiators, and Canton Charge.

According to The Guardian, April 15, 2013 …

“Gilbert is Donald Trump, Andrew Carnegie and Robert Moses rolled into one and could well prove just as controversial. Much of the city remains a bombed out, burned up mess. While something, anything, is better than nothing for many, not everyone is happy that Gilbert and Mike Ilitch, billionaire founder of Little Caesars pizza and owner of the Detroit Tigers, have been snatching up buildings like they are playing real life Monopoly.”

Jenny Zhou (“Rise of the American Professional Sports Cartel,” Systems & Us, June 2014) wrote …

“In early 2014, the NBA commissioner banned the LA Clippers team owner Donald Sterling from the league for life because racist comments he had made in private were leaked. Sterling was basically forced to sell his team. Why can the commissioner have such power to step in and force a business owner from essentially running his own business? Because ultimately, the league is a club of team owners who collaborate to make decisions about what’s best for the greater league, and therefore, business. If owners believe a racist team owner might hurt profits in a league with many African American athletes, they have the power to boot him.

“Team franchise ownership has many ulterior goals beyond making money from the game of sports. Some view franchise ownership as just one piece to an even larger economic development project, such as real estate developer Bruce Bratner who purchased the Nets as a means of access to a parcel of land for a much larger real estate development project. Others see the team as a driver for their main business. For example, Anschultz Entertainment Group – which owns a minority interest in the Los Angeles Lakers – also owns the downtown retail center LA Live and the Lakers’ home court Staples Center. Through their ownership of the Lakers, they have a say in a crucial part of their main revenue driver.”

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