The color RED designates “change of life style,” e.g., change of residence, vacation, new job, change of marital status, etc.

Red encompasses the slowest wavelengths of visible color.

It’s the slowpoke of the color spectrum, the inhibitor of change yet the color of red-blooded vitality.

The name Adam translates as both “red” and “alive.”

Red is the color of “firstness,” “reality,” and “sensation.”

Leatrice Eiseman (Colors For Your Every Mood: Discover Your True Decorating Colors, 1998) wrote …

“Although we associate red with speed and quick movement, paradoxically, time seems to pass more slowly in a red environment.”

A red trauma can lead to motor impairment diseases.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Sept. 5, 1985 …

“Red is absorbed by the spine, and is a color for children developing motor skills.”

The red lights of a “red light district” signify a warning to stay away, not sexuality as is commonly surmised.

In Mexico, a “red light district” indicates illegal prostitution, whereas a “blue light district” indicates legalized prostitution.

But by no means is red asexual!

Faber Birren (Color Psychology and Color Therapy, Revised Edition, 1950, 1961) wrote …

“Red is perhaps the most dominant and dynamic of colors. Its energy has a strong influence on the growth of plants. It has been found to accelerate the development of certain lower animals, to increase hormonal and sexual activity and to heal wounds.”

Red lipstick is a symbol of romance, passion, and sexuality (red lips and rosy red cheeks), and the phallic character of a lipstick container is no accident.

This is especially true of crimson or scarlet red and purplish or blackened reds.

Many primate females display red when they ovulate – although human females are “concealed ovulators.”

The Resonant Atomic Elements (RAEs) from the Periodic Table of the Elements for Monday (or for any day from 6:00-9:00 a.m.) are …

(1) antimony

(2) cadmium,

(3) cobalt,

(4) gallium,

(5) hydrogen,

(6) krypton,

(7) manganese,

(8) neon,

(9) potassium,

(10) radon, and

(11) yttrium.

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“Antimony is in cocoa that sets the upsurge. It’s already in the cocoa bean. It’s also in almonds and apricot seeds. Antimony in the morning works with lead at Thyroid Time.”

“Adam Kadmon was really Adam the red cadmium man. He was an Athabascan. ”

“Cobalt is found in organ meats, clams, oysters, and milk, but it’s best taken at Spleen Time in a coffee, cocoa, and maple syrup combination.”

“Hydrogen gets iron to move. Vitamin C is needed to absorb it.”

“Take krypton to have the guts to be a Superman or Superwoman. Kryptonite is no problem at the North Pole. If you have a tendency to overheat, use kryptonite. But, krypton, when heated by respiration, heats the body against cold.”

“The electron is a negative particle ruled by manganese. If ‘man’ can’t ‘sneeze,’ he’s got a frozen brain. Sneezing gives you a brain boost.”

“Take neon to reestablish your hydrochloric acid balance. Neon breaks down to fluorine.”

“You cannot keep your intestinal tract clean without potassium and manganese. ‘Man’ goes to the ‘potty’ in the morning because of potassium and manganese. You need elimination for illumination. Yellow nails are shit.”

“Yttrium helps dislodge melted cheese from the large intestine. It belongs to the CIA, the Colon Irrigation Associates, and the IRS, Intestinal Regulatory Services. Use yttrium for a colonic. It provides ultimate superconductivity.”





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