The Highest Meditation

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“The highest meditation is meeting your daily responsibilities.”

“We live so close to the reality of ourselves, and so far from it.”

“We are preconditioned by mutual consent.”

“You don’t have a free mind. You are hypnotized. You live a life of self-deception. We live an environmental lie every day — it’s called illusion.”

“When a dog doesn’t know his head from his tail, don’t bug him.”

“You liberate yourself by accepting yourself. Don’t sell your cells short.”

“Enjoy your cells.”

“The Monolith in 2001 [the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey] is the Sound Current. The astronaut experienced the physical body, the astral or electrical body, and the causal body or eternal embryonic movement.”

“From 11:57 to midnight we’re chemical for one minute, electrical for one minute, and magnetic for one minute.”

“I don’t promise you eternal life, but I promise you continuity of life.”

“Your best guru is your car. It teaches you timing. A split second makes the difference when you’re driving in traffic.”

“Mistiming is the only disease there is.”

“The Jivan Mukta is freed while living. He is truly aligned with his Creator.”

“Transformation of the cells is biological Emergence. Baptism is Initiation.”

“The Master is frustration-less, but the student is frustration total.”

“If you fall down and I pick you up, that doesn’t make me a Master.”

“It is up to man to recognize God in the God Man.”

“Record your own snoring to come out of a coma.”


“What do you teach?” someone asked.

“I teach Stand On Your Own Two Feet,” replied Adano.


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  1. November 17, 2020 @ 4:36 pm John

    Hi Atom, “Record your own snoring to come out of a coma.” You mean record it and then have someone play it back to you when you are in the coma?


    • November 18, 2020 @ 4:56 am Atom

      Yes, record it for future use.

      Play it by the RIGHT ear.

      Anything going in the LEFT ear drives a comatose person deeper into coma.


  2. November 19, 2020 @ 12:06 pm Atom

    Omega 3 fatty acid propaganda is now going into overdrive. “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” is Big Pharma’s 2020 rallying cry (loosely translated, of course).

    “Fish antifreeze” doesn’t boost health; it causes sickness — Yellow Fat Disease in all of its guises and disguises of illness and disease.

    It’s exceedingly hard to get old and decrepit and calcareous without linolenic acid being “in the building.”


  3. November 19, 2020 @ 12:07 pm Atom

    Re: I’m taking a health course currently and we literally just had an assignment on the omega 3/6 ratios and it’s “link” to Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders. Are you against all omega 3s or from fish oil/krill/cod liver. What about flaxseed?

    I’ve started my twelfth e-book about the dangers of fish oil, krill oil, algae oil, cod liver oil, flax oil, chia seed oil, etc.

    Alzheimer’s and related disorders (Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, mixed dementias, central nervous system fibrosis) are all manifestations of progressive cumulative lipofuscinosis (Yellow Fat Disease of non-genetic origin.

    The “good” news about Yellow Fat Disease is that it kills people slowly like its Face In the Mirror — “normal” aging.


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