Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“Lead, silicon, and gold are in the delta wave of the brain.”

“It’s better to phosphorize than adrenalize.”

“Adrenaline locks the beta wave.”

“Light a cigarette with ice. Use phosphorus.”

“More cosmic rays bombard the Earth at Lung Time. It’s cosmic acoustics.”

“A monk doesn’t need iodine. A man who raises a family does.”

“Iodine is the Mr. Kissinger of the elements.”

“The intent to say it to me is toxic.”

“There is no catabolic weight loss in the fetus.”

“Bones are built in the first four months. They harden for five months.”

“Pain is in the dilated area. Work the constricted area.”

“Maintenance is during light hours. Therapy is for the phase-down of light.”

“The equator is the belly button line. It’s the hot line.”

“Wet the tummy to have a BM.”

“Migratory motion slows down elimination.”

“Drink Jim Beam in the U.S. for the American trots.”

“An acute condition lasts no more than seven days.”

“The body is timing, not parts.”

“The first rule of Solar Nutrition is, ‘A little of anything is medicine for the system. Too much is toxic or abuse.’ We can thank Confucius for it.”

“The second rule of Solar Nutrition is, ‘There is a time, a place, and a season for everything.’ It’s from King Solomon.”

“The third rule of Solar Nutrition is, ‘Live to eat to get sick.'”

“The fourth rule of Solar Nutrition is, ‘Live to eat not to get sick.'”

“The fifth and final rule of Solar Nutrition is, ‘Live to eat in order to live not to eat.'”

“The quality of the goal is locked up in Nature. Butterflies need no taxidermist.”

“You can cut up the whole brain, but don’t monkey with the hypothalamus.”

“The U.S. doesn’t suffer from malnutrition. We suffer from potluck eating.”

“There are three ranges of light – the 45-degree angle of refraction of light, the 90-degree angle of refraction of light, and the bounce zone of light. Positive, negative, and neutral make a trinity.”

“The ‘disease without cause’ is the Bible’s name for cancer.”

“The order of input is protein, carbohydrate, mineral/vitamin, lipid/oil, and liquid/water.”

“The gross input is three times a day. The minimal input is six times a day.”

“The body is an organic clock.”

“The largest replay of the subliminal memory bank occurs between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. The largest memory and inventiveness occurs at this time.”

“Lung Time is prayer time or meditation time.”

“Vitamins are sugars. Thus the spleen is the vitamin regulator.”

“Vitamin C is an antitoxin.”

“Vitamin C is not destroyed in corn or tomato.”

“Take corn vitamin C between 12:00 noon and 3:00 p.m.. Take tomato vitamin C between 3:00 and 6:00.”

“Take C plus fluorides for hemorrhoids. Take aloe and garlic.”

“The nightshade family switches the oxygen/nitrogen cycle.”

“Diarrhea causes a viral build-up. Constipation causes a bacterial build-up.”

“Amoebic dysentery is phased down by tequila.”


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