A contemporary healing modality claims …

“Sages meditate for hours to reach this state [a theta brain wave state], as in it they are able to access absolute calm.”

A theta brain wave is A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT of “absolute calm.”

Absolute calm (in its Yes No Maybe triune state of consciousness, unconsciousness, and co-consciousness) is the exclusive domain of the delta brain wave state of NON-BREAKDOWN – and especially of the omega brain wave state of REGENERATION and RESURRECTION.

Let us use an index card analogy …

A beta brain wave state of memorization allows you to read what’s written on an index card.

An alpha brain wave state of learning allows you to write additional information on an index card.

A theta brain wave state of “un-learning” allows you to erase information from an index card.

A delta brain wave state allows you to erase everything written on an index card.

An omega brain wave state allows you to burn an index card.

There are 7 major brain wave states …

(1) OMEGA (zero cycles per second) is the state of ABSOLUTE calm, the calm before the calm.

(If you compared the “calm before the calm” with the “calm before the storm,” you gassed up your brain with beta brain waves – like I just did when I wrote it. :(

(2) DELTA (0.1 to 4 cycles per second) is a non-breakdown state of slow-wave sleep (SWS) or slow-wave conscious meditation (SWCM).

(3) THETA (4 to 8 cycles per second) is “found in locations not related to the task at hand,” and can be generated by CONSCIOUS REPRESSION of a thought, a germinal form of WILL POWER.

(Theta is about off-line memory processing.)

(4) ALPHA (8 to 13 cycles per second) is a state of RELAXED LEARNING (eidetic memory) and COMA.

(Yes, folks vegetating in a hospital coma recovery unit are still learning.)

(5) BETA (13 to 30 cycles per second) is our everyday Zombie-like state of parroting back whatever we “know.”

(6) GAMMA (30 to 100-plus cycles per second) is associated with sense-combining (sight + sound, smell + taste, etc.) and (some say) cognitive decline (esp. when associated with theta brain waves).

(7) MU (8 to 13 cycles per second) is a more global and synchronous variant of alpha.

Librium, Valium, and other benzodiazepines are hypnoid drugs that maintain a BETA brain wave momentum.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a hypnoid neurotransmitter that does the same.

SHOCK or TRAUMA happen in an alpha brain wave state of learning.

That’s why shock and trauma are always associated with engrams in ONE HEMISPHERE of the brain – male on the left or female on the right.

An alpha brain wave is always higher in amplitude in one hemisphere, while beta is an equal opportunity brain wave – one reason a beta brain wave can’t be used to overcome a shock or trauma “learned” in an alpha state.

To Be Continued (if you folks request it)




'Theta Brain Wave Quasi-Meditation' have 4 comments

  1. October 22, 2011 @ 3:36 am Dick

    very interested to hear what WILL help overcome trauma to one [right] hemisphere of the brain :-)


    • October 23, 2011 @ 7:30 pm atomb

      Pandiculation (yawning and stretching simultaneously) is a good beginning.

      A.F.M. Willich, M.D. (The Domestic Encyclopaedia, Vol. 4, 1802) wrote …

      “Yawning is performed by extending all the muscles, that are capable of spontaneous motion; by expanding the lungs; by slowly and gradually inhaling a large portion of air, and expiring or breathing it out, after it has been rarefied in the body; and lastly, by restoring the muscles to their natural position. Persons of strong and healthy constitutions are most liable to this natural impulse, when they awake, on account of the perspirable matter that lodges in the pores of the skin: hence Boerhaave observes, that yawning appears to be designed by Nature, to move, accelerate, and uniformly to distribute the humours throughout the system; consequently, to render the various muscles capable of discharging their respective functions. Such involuntary motion, therefore, greatly conduces to health; but, if it become habitual, or be too often repeated, especially by persons of sedentary lives, it will be advisable to take a short walk in the fresh air, and to inspire a large portion of that salutary fluid, in temperate weather.”

      Yes, you CAN yawn too much, but it’s very rare.

      But walking between yawning sessions (or Kriya Yoga sessions) is good advice. :)

      It’s interesting that doctors seemed to know more about yawning when the above was written – 209 YEARS AGO – than doctors and scientists know today.

      Unfortunately, pretty much everything “known” today about yawning – or at least, disseminated today – can be found on Wikipedia. :(

      Yawning helps discard …

      (1) traumas with a male from the left hemisphere, and

      (2) traumas with a female from the right hemisphere.


  2. October 22, 2011 @ 12:44 pm Jim

    What are some good books/ information to get started on learning your body language analysis technique(s)?


  3. October 23, 2011 @ 8:01 pm atomb

    Jim, so far there are no books available about my type of Body Language Analysis.

    I’m looking for a publisher. :)

    ALL the other books out there are about Body Language and emotions, usually by interpreting unconscious gestures, while my technology detects body language ENGRAMS – with or without either emotions or gestures.

    The difference between both types of Body Language interpretation is not about a difference between ping pong and tennis – it’s a difference between ping pong and gymnastics, or ping pong and swimming, etc.

    A person I truly admire for his skillful interpretation of the “other” type of Body Language (the one I don’t teach) is Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, and he seems to derive much of his understanding from Allan & Barbara Pease (who he references in at least one of his books).


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