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By Atom Bergstrom

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Patients with hyperthyroidism may be argumentative.

Edwin F. Gildea, M.D. (“Special Features of Personality Which Are Common to Certain Psychosomatic Disorders,” Psychosomatic Medicine, Sept.-Oct. 1949) wrote …

“Patients with hyperthyroidism respond moderately well to supportive psychotherapy but present special resistance to attempts at psychoanalytic therapy. In contrast, most authors agree that a high percentage of patients with peptic ulcer are remarkably improved by psychotherapy. The patients with coronary disease respond with arrest of symptoms relatively frequently to a simple variety of guidance and an authoritative type of psychotherapy. Bronchial asthma also responds readily to either brief psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. This marked difference in response to therapy seems to depend on certain personality factors as well as to the organ system involved.”


Here’s a case of a surgeon losing a patient due to a psychiatrist.

Anita M. Muhl (“Problems in General Medicine from the Emotional Standpoint,” Psychoanalytic Review, No. 16, 1929) wrote …

“A very famous surgeon sent a young woman who was suffering from a toxic thyroid to him [an eastern psychiatrist] with the request that he get rid of some of her fears so she could be operated on, her pulse being so rapid that surgery could not be considered. The psychiatrist analyzed the girl and at the end of three months sent her back to the surgeon minus fears and minus her goiter. The famous surgeon bewailed the loss of his patient but expressed happiness over the outcome of the case.”


Restoring the thyroid to health can resolve many health issues, including bed-wetting.

Herbert Ewan Waller (Theory and Practice of Thyroid Therapy, 1911) wrote …

“Leonard Williams shows that one of the most important functions of the thyroid gland is that of fixing the calcium salts of the body. He points out further the relationship of thyroid activity to menstruation and pregnancy, and enumerates various minor signs of thyroid insufficiency, such as the presence of enlarged tonsils and adenoids, which are an attempt on the part of the organism to supply a secretion that is lacking. His evidence that nocturnal enuresis [bed-wetting] is due to failure of thyroid function is indisputable.”


Red Flag Language Indicators of Thyroid Challenges —>

“I can’t do it,” “I won’t do it,” “my will be done,” “I want it” (instead of “I choose it”), etc.


Someone with a weak thyroid has trouble sticking out their tongue in public (or even in private).

Simple tongue protrusion (letting it hang out of the mouth) isn’t enough to signify and develop will power.

A more aggressive gesture — like the tongue gesture used by the Maoris of New Zealand during their war chants — works much better.

Sticking out your tongue for the doctor or dentist doesn’t do much for your health.


A terminally ill person can’t stick out the tongue, and a stroke victim’s tongue points to the left or right.

Who is the matter with him or her? Is it a man (left) or is it a woman (right)?


According to Chinese acupuncture-related medicine, “Heart is represented by the tip of the tongue.”


YODELING stimulates the thyroid. It might just be the best exercise for the thyroid.

Other exercises include …

1) Rocking the thyroid cartilage back and forth (along with the thyroid gland and vocal apparatus) while rapidly blinking the eyes.

Lightly grasp your thyroid area between your extended thumb and folded forefinger (hitchhiking gesture).

Rock your thyroid cartilage back and forth sideways while blinking your eyes.

It’s ideal if you can train yourself to rock your thyroid and blink your eyes at two different speeds.

2) Stretch your mouth out sideways as far as it can go.

You’ll activate the entire neck, including your thyroid and hyoid bone.

Ever see the 1998 movie, Holy Man, starring Eddie Murphy?

Remember the Insta-Tuck scene when Morgan Fairchild’s mouth gets stretched out?

That’s the exercise, minus the electric current.


Adano Ley assigned the thyroid to the level of “Thy Will Be Done.”

It’s the THY-roid, not the MY-roid. It’s where a spiritual aspirant gives up “I am the doer.”


Navy blue, indigo, purple, and violet are colors that promote will power and perseverance.

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  1. March 29, 2019 @ 1:11 am Atom

    Reflex Orbitstology Info-Hack #2 —>

    What if the toenail of the big toe (first digit of the foot) is A-framed?

    That’s a hormone problem, not an aging problem.


    There are two ways to die …

    1) Death from being too old —> dying from over-alkalinity

    2) Death from being too young —> dying from over-acidity


    Starting with the little toe and working forwards is usually #1.

    Starting with the big toe and working backwards is usually #2.–e-books.php


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